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For most artists, the creative process is optimised by means of inspiration. In fact, this much-needed fillip helps them put their ideas into action

author_img Anjani Chadha Published :  05th July 2022 04:27 PM   |   Published :   |  05th July 2022 04:27 PM
Chandni Chowk after revamp

Chandni Chowk after revamp

For most artists, the creative process is optimised by means of inspiration. In fact, this much-needed fillip helps them put their ideas into action. However, several times one might find themselves in a rut, scouring for experiences that can break one out of the monotony.  The greatest people in history have translated ideas into materials through people, places, and experiences that nudge their curiosity or speak to their conscience. Three artists from Delhi-NCR tell us about the one place in Delhi that has inspired their work.


There are a couple of places that have inspired my work but if I had to mention one, I would say Connaught Place (CP),” says contemporary artist Gigi Scaria. When asked what he loves about it, Scaria (49) mentions, “There is an interesting contrast that one gets to see in CP; it is an infused situation.” Even though he has seen the place change over the years—he moved to Delhi in 1995, “it still resonates with me,” adds the Noida resident, who often showcases modern structures and addresses themes of migration in his work. A self-confessed observer of cultural spaces, Scaria admits that many of his works have been inspired and influenced by this area of the city “that has kept its charm intact till date”.

The busy yet culturally significant bylanes of Chandni Chowk and its nearby areas have left many of us spellbound. Alaknanda-based visual and installation artist Puneet Kaushik (50) is no different; he feels Chandni Chowk can be rightly touted as a hub for culture. The artist loves to walk around the place—occasionally visiting the many shops situated in the market—all while observing life around him and seeking inspiration for his work. “Taking a stroll and looking at new places, people… gaining all these experiences inspires me,” he says. Kaushik particularly loves the ambience of this space where one gets to “experience it all”. “It is like anything is possible here,” he concludes.

Artist Kartik Sood admits that he has not travelled much around the city in the last two years due to COVID-19. However, the city space that has often inspired his work is Old Delhi (Purani Dilli).  “A lot of my work is about taking images from reality, so I walk a lot around Old Delhi. One can find many characters there,” shares the 34 year old. Sood adds that whenever he visits this neighbourhood, he clicks photographs of the places, people, and things that interest him here. “It is about people going on with their daily lives in that setting, and that inspires my work.”