Adopt these 6 habits for a healthy lifestyle

Below stated are some healthy habits that you must follow to keep smiles on the face of your loved ones:

Dog owners with their canines at the Calcutta Kennel Show 2018. (Photo Credits: Shatadru Bose)

Calcutta Kennel Club Show 2018: Dogs owners from all over the city fight for the coveted title

While most of the dogs were Indian bred foreign breeds, some were of Indian breeds like the Mudhol, Pashmi and Rampur hound.

Gary Fisher

Why Gary Fisher thinks the bicycle is the happiest invention on Earth

The founding father of mountain bikes on the evolution of the machine, India and riding with 007

Instagram's new feature to track users' time spent on the app, will also include tools for setting daily time limits

Popular photo-messaging app Instagram is introducing a new feature. Titled, "Your Activity", the upgraded feature will track the amount of time users spend on the app.