Earlier, the definitions had outmoded ideas about sex, presuming that biological sex and gender were mutually exclusive

Cambridge English dictionary updates its definitions of man and woman

The dictionary also added examples to give a clear insight into the usage of the words

The event saw 12 transgender models, a few non-binary models from Chennai and Bengaluru | Ashwin Prasath ​

Creating a queerscape for Chennai

Backed by fashionista Karun Raman, Sunday saw the launch of a queer space for LGBTQIA+ models and the fashion-inclined to further an equal and inclusive stage for the community

Rahul Ray

Special: Kolkata photographer Rahul Ray trains his lenses on four city models

Kolkata photographer Rahul Ray trains his lenses on four city models  

El Fé on stage

Paloma about town: Christmas carols, a birthday bash and a liberal dose of fashion

All across the city, the warm fuzzy vibe continues, with cake mixing making way for the tree lighting ceremonies...

Daakroom The Letter Writing Carnival offered a number of interesting workshops and sessions that catered to both children and adults alike

'Letter writing': Reviving a lost art of communication

This carnival aimed to recreate the magic of the seemingly-disappearing practice of letter writing through a slew of engaging sessions

Blues Conscience performing at Palladium

Paloma about town: Music, shopping and getting out those Christmas decorations!

The past week saw folks in the city privy to plenty of fun and flavour...

Cae mixing fun at Taj Coromandel

Paloma about town: Nail art, watercolour canvasses and Christmas cake!

The past week saw plenty of shopping, eats and Yuletide fun...

Image used for representational purpose only. (File Photo)

On the canvas of endearing expressions

The SMS perhaps started it all. With each word being charged, hapless phone users had to snip and chop words until they bore no resemblance to what it was

Swati Jagdish with her daughter, Maya (File photo)

Maya’s Amma: Meet 35-year-old Swati Jagdish, who educates people on sex, pregnancy, breastfeeding and more

After giving birth to her daughter Maya, Swati began creating awareness about sex, pregnancy, breastfeeding, lactation and consent through workshops and meet-ups with like-minded mothers

The bracelet designed by Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre's Promise of Hope bracelet to support girl education in Jaisalmer's school

The proceeds from sales of the bracelet will go to fund education in Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls’ School

Upasana at the Madras Art Weekend

Paloma about town: Barcelona diaries, X'mas fun and canvasses a-calling!

Here's what Chennai got up to over the past week...

Photo courtesy: Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

Veganism shows up as one of the most attractive interests on Tinder for young adult daters in India

Young adult daters are throwing aside traditional dating norms and increasingly bonding over shared social causes