Monkey Bar's Chef Dheeraj Verma shares the recipe for their signature drink, Mangaa

Indulge gets the recipe for Monkey Bar's popular drink, Mangaa, which is also a part of its ongoing Aam Party

author_img Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  16th May 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  16th May 2019 12:00 AM
Mangaa Drink Recipe

Aam Party at Monkey Bar

With election fever reaching its peak in the gruelling summer, Monkey Bar is holding Aam Party all through May at all its outlets across Delhi Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, to help you keep your cool. All the drinks on offer are made with Mango – raw or ripe, including the fiery Nachos Mango, the somewhat fishy Sailor Mango, the cool Mango Party- Starter and the rather lovely Sweet Pie Mango. And of course, party veteran Mangaa is still going strong this season with its unbeatable taste!

Dheeraj Verma, Head Chef, Monkey Bar shares the recipe of the ever-popular signature cocktail Mangaa, exclusively for Indulge readers. Whisk up this eternal favourite at home and stay fresh.

Mangaa drink, the star cooler at Monkey Bar


Made with Vodka, aam panna, sweet lime, mint, jeera and a dash of salt, this is a perfect drink to unwind on a summer afternoon


60 ml vodka | 90 ml freshly squeezed sweet lime juice | 45 ml raw mango squash/ aam panna | 1 raw mango slice, to garnish | 1 cup cubed ice


Add all the above ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.

Shake well and pour into a mason jar or glass of your choice.

Garnish with a slice of raw mango and serve in style.

Here are a few tips from Chef Dheeraj to make a perfect cocktail:

* Ensure that you use the best quality ingredients for the cocktail - Fresh good quality ingredients and liquor is a must

* Freshly squeezed seasonal juice makes a world of a difference to the drink 

* Ensure that the carbonated water bottle is opened just at the time of making your drink

* A chilled glass to pour your cocktail into and keep it chilled for a longer time

* Ensure a balance of ingredients so that flavours blend well and create a perfect drink

* To make crushed ice, place ice cubes in a plastic bag and use a small hammer or heavy solid object to pound and crush it. Don’t use a home mixie!

* Interesting garnishes create a pretty drink … however, ensure that it blends well with the flavours of the cocktail being made

* Swizzle sticks, small umbrellas, paper flowers, anything that makes a cocktail look pretty can be used

* There are no limits except your imagination so have fun and enjoy the world of cocktails