Festive special: Seven flavourful recipes to indulge this Diwali  

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Fluffy pancakes by The Lords and Barons

Planning an intimate party this Diwali? We help you plan better with a delicious menu from five Kolkata diners. From spritzy cocktails to decadent desserts, here's the list.  Happy Diwali!

Ministry Of Booze

Green Apple Infused Beach Iced Tea


Green Apple-1 Pc·  Absolute Vodka-20ml·  Grand Marnier-20ml·  Bacardi Carta Blanca-20ml·  Beefeater Gin-20ml·  Cranberry Nectar -60ml·  Fresh Cream-10ml· Method:  Mix all ingredients except Cream·  Shake and pour in long glass·  Top up with fresh Cream

Electronic Iced Tea

Ingredients:  Smirnoff Vodka-20ml·  Grand Marnier-20ml·  Bacardi Carta Blanca-20ml·  Beefeater Gin-20ml·  Captain Morgan Dark Rum-20ml·  Teachers Highland Cream-20ml·  Coke-60ml·  Fresh Lime Juice-10ml

Method:  Mix all ingredients except Coke·  Shake and pour in long glass·  top up with Coke


Traffic Gastropub

Muffins Malai


Flour-100 gm·  Butter-150 gm·  Sugar-150 gm·  Raisin-5 gm·  Baking Powder-1 gm·  Egg-2 Pc·  Milk-1 ltr·  Red Cherry-1 pc

Method:  Make the dough for Muffins·  Mix with Flour, Butter, Sugar, Egg and Bake it·  Make Kheer on the other side·  Then serve it with a Cherry

Diwali Bumper

Ingredients:  Flour: 100 gm·  Dalda: 20 gm·  Sugar: 100gm·  Carrot: 2pc·  Mawa: 50 gm·  Raisin: 5 gm·  Kaju: 5 gm·  Ghee: 3 gm·  Rose syrup: 1 tsp·  Milk: 0.3 ltr

Method:  Take the fresh Carrot, peel it and grate the Carrot,·  Sauté with Ghee·  Put Milk on it make it as dry as Kheer·  Other side make Khasta with sweet Poori·  And serve it on top of the Khasta·

The Lords and Barons

Fluffy Pancakes


All purpose / Plain flour-2 cups·  Granulated sugar or sweetener-1/4 cup·  Baking powder-4tsp·  Baking soda-1/4th tbsp·  Milk-440ml/1-3/4 cups·  Salt-1/2 tsp·  Butter-1/4cup (60g / 2 oz)·  Pure Vanilla Extract-2tsp·  Egg-1large


Combine together the Flour, Sugar (or sweetener), Baking Powder, Baking Soda and Salt in a large sized bowl.  Make a whole in the center and add the Milk, slightly cooled melted Butter, Vanilla and Egg.  Whisk the wet ingredients together first before slowly folding them into the Dry Ingredients. Mix together until smooth (there may be a couple of lumps but that's okay).  (The batter will be thick and creamy in consistency. If you find the batter too thick,  smoothly fold a couple tablespoons of extra milk into the batter at a time until reaching desired consistency).  Set the batter aside and allow to rest while heating up your pan or griddle. Heat a nonstick pan or griddle over low medium heat and wipe over with a little butter to lightly grease pan. Pour 1/4 cup of batter onto the pan and spread out gently into a round shape with the back of your ladle or measuring cup.  When the underside is golden and bubbles begin to appear on the surface, flip with a spatula and cook until golden. Repeat with remaining batter.  Serve with honey, maple syrup and fruit.


Dessert Recipe by Aminia



Vermicelli broken- 250 gms ( Seviyan used for making Kunafa are thin then regular seviyan)·  Butter melted- 200 gms·  Pistachios chopped- ¼ cup· For filling of Kunafa  Milk- 1 cup·  Cream- 1 cup·  Corn flour- 2 tsp·  Rose Water- 1 tsp·  Cottage cheese grated- ½ cup·  Mozzarella cheese grated- ½ cup·  Sugar- 2 tbsp· For Sugar Syrup:  Water- 1 cup·  White Sugar- 1½ cup·  Lemon Juice- 1 tsp·  Rose Water- 1 tsp

Method:  Take Vermicelli in bowl. Broke them with your finger into smaller pieces.·  Pour melted Butter and mix them well with your hands.

Steps for making kunafa filling:

Take a separate mixing bowl and add Milk, Cream, Sugar and Corn starch. Mix them well.·  Now turn on the flame, take thick Bottom Pan and add and heat the above mixture on low flame, until it gets thicker.  Keep on stirring mixture to prevent it from sticking to the pan.·  Add rose water and mix it, after 2 minutes turn off the flame.·  Add Mozzarella Cheese and Cottage Cheese to above mixture and mix it well.·  Steps for making Sugar Syrup: Take another Pan, add Water, Sugar and cook it until Sugar gets dissolved completely.  Keep on stirring and cook it until mixture gets thicken.·  When mixture gets ready, add Lemon juice in it.

For baking Kunafa:  

Take a baking Pan, make the base with half Vermicelli mixture prepared above, press it to·  level the dough. Now pour the Cheese mixture on this base formed and spread it evenly with spoon.·  After that, take remaining Vermicelli mixture and form another layer above the cheese· layer.  It’s just like Sandwich layer.·  Brush the top layer with melted butter, to make it settle properly.·  Pre heat the oven, put the dish in the Oven at 200 degree for about half an hour.·  Kunafa is ready when it turns golden and crunchy in the surface.

Garnishing Kunafa:

Evenly pour the pre prepared sugar syrup on the top of Kunafa layer as soon as it comes out· of the oven.  Garnish it with pistachio before you serve.·  Lastly, cut it like Pizza or cake and Kunafa is ready to eat.

Canteen Pub And Grub

Apple Malpua with Shahi Rabri


All- Purpose Flour- 200gm·  Baking Powder- 25gm·  Sugar- 500gm·  Water- 500ml·  Saffron- A pinch of Saffron·  Rose Water- 3 - 4 drops·  Green Cardamom- 3-4 pcs·  Cinnamon Powder- 1 tsp·  Apple- 1·  Milk- 500ml·  Cardamom-1pc·  Ghee/ Oil- 300gm


In a mixing bowl, add all-purpose Flour, Baking Powder and add some Water and mix· well to make a thick batter. Let it rest for 30 minutes.  Make Sugar Syrup by adding Sugar, Water, Saffron, Rose Water and Green cardamom in a saucepan. Make it little thick (2 strings consistency).  Take a plate and add 1 tablespoon all-purpose Flour, 1 tablespoon Cinnamon powder and mix well.  Peel the skin of an Apple, scoop out the seeds, and cut it into roundels. Coat the Apple slices in the Flour and Cinnamon Powder.  Next, dip the Apple slices in the batter and deep fry in the hot Oil or Ghee over a low· flame till they are lightly golden. Do not dip the fried Apples in the Sugar syrup for too long, otherwise it would turn soggy. Soak them in Syrup for 2 to 3 minute. How to Make Rabri:  Boil the Milk in a wide, heavy-based pan.·  Add the Sugar and Cardamom and simmer over low heat.·  Do not stir too often, as a layer of cream should form over it.·  After the layer is formed, push it away from the sides towards the centre, stir the Milk· below it gently to avoid scorching.  Repeat the process till one-third of the volume of Milk is left.·  The time taken will depend on the richness of the Milk and the vessel.·  The wider the vessel and the richer the Milk, the faster it will thicken.·  When done, the colour changes to a beige-cream, and the cream that was pushed aside, collect in layers.  Remove from heat. When cool, transfer to a serving dish.