New Mesoscience machine: using electric currents to care for skin

The Mesoscience skincare machine gently massages your skin and helps lose those wrinkles, blemishes  and stretch marks

author_img Abby Yaeger Published :  24th November 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  24th November 2017 06:00 AM

From needles to lasers to UV lights, technology has begun to play a large role in the corrective skincare industry. Now, salons and spas are introducing electric currents for their clients, as a way of brightening and tightening their skin. The new mesoscience skincare machine, developed by Spanish brand Skeyndor, claims to yield surgical results with a totally non-invasive treatment that uses a combination of activation, hydro electrophoresis, cryotherapy, and a new technology known as electroporation.

The concept was discovered by two American researchers and utilises electric currents to create channels within cell membranes. When it comes to skincare, the technique supposedly allows for better absorption, for active ingredients to reach deeper levels of the skin. The technology is also referred to as a “virtual needle” for how it reproduces the surgical method of placing active ingredients underneath the skin, and is apparently used for loose skin, wrinkles, blemishes and even stretch marks.

We tried out the new machine at Vurve Signature Salon in  Kilpauk, where it was launched for the first time in India, earlier this week. Ravi Mittal, Managing Director of Ekta Cosmetics and a coordinator for the mesoscience machine’s launch in India, tells us that the machine has already been launched in Spain and is a popular addition to most European salons. 

Mesoscience machine

Having battled with my fair share of skin problems over the past few years, particularly some painful cystic acne breakouts, the treatment I was given was specially designed for acne using different masks, toners and oils, delivered with some gentle massaging. While the facial took about an hour in total, the time that the aesthetician used the machine actually only took up  about 15 minutes. The process, which 
simply involved the handheld components of the machine being rubbed across the skin, was indeed non-invasive, so much that I hardly felt anything at all. I felt no discomfort, and the machine process was just as relaxing as the rest of the facial. The only real sensation I felt was the cryotherapy, which cold seals the active ingredients in the products. After the facial, my face felt clean and refreshed, but showed no day and night transformation. I figured that the real results would show after a day or two. Ideally, the mesoscience machine should be used in at least six sessions over the course of a few months for best results, and I only had the chance to try it out. Even after one sitting, however, I felt that my skin hurt less and was possibly a little brighter.

`6,000  upwards per session. Details: 4863 -3888