Beauty Spot- ABC clinic launches it's first outlet in Coimbatore

Bringing advanced beauty solutions to Coimbatore, the Advanced Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic gets launched in the city.

Fathima Ashraf Published :  28th April 2017 03:23 PM   |   Published :   |  28th April 2017 03:23 PM

The common notion is that beauty treatments are just for the upper class. But we thought otherwise and that lead us to discovering the need to bring cost effective cosmetic treatments to our country,” says Chennai-based entrepreneur Thirumal Raj, one of the four founders of the Advanced Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic (ABC Clinic).  Having launched its eighth outlet, the first in Coimbatore last week, the clinic is advancing to its goal of being operational in 21 centres across the country by June this year.  With most of the equipment such as laser therapy machines and slimming machines imported from the US, the clinic functions with at least ten staff including a doctor, doctor’s assistant, therapist and centre managers.  ABC Clinic is the parent company with three subsidiary service brands for hair (Advanced hair growth), skin (Maya skin) and body (Minus cosmetics). “We have treatments for any skin, hair and body related problems. Despite the premium ambiance and customer care, all the treatments are performed by the doctors themselves which is one of our specialties,” says Bindhitha M, the centre manager.

Permanent solution for complete baldness being their specialty, the clinic provides surgical as well as non surgical treatments to fix hair loss such as the PES laser hair therapy, AMM Hair transplant, Instant cosmetic hair and PRP Hair re growth treatment. A few of the skin treatments provided are IPL photofacial, a popular alternative for salon facials, botox for anti aging, chemical peels for skin rejuvenation and PRP for skin. The most popular slimming technique available is the non surgical fat reduction treatment called cool body sculpting technique where the fat cells are frozen and then eliminated. “We take in to account the medical conditions of our clients very seriously. People are ready  to undergo the treatment even if they don’t really need it. Before initiating any treatment, our doctors identify if the client is fit enough for it,” says Raj admitting that the most demanded treatments are hair fixing, skin whitening and cryolipolysis. However, every client is first sent to the resident doctor and the problem is identified based on which the cause factors and treatment options are discussed. “Since hair loss seems to be the problem of the decade, we get a lot of clients for hair transplants from the middle east, Singapore as well as the UK and the US,” says Raj, adding that many overseas customers seek out cosmetic surgeries too, with ABC. Yet to launch a new section for dental aesthetics, the clinic is expanding to Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Pune next month.


Rs. 2500  for a session of laser hair reduction1st floor, SR Complex, Avinashi Road. Details: 9345993459