Here's how an idli can help you detox your system

When Shonali Sabherwal says eat clean, she means sweep, mop and vacuum... your inner ecosystem

author_img   |   Published :   |  03rd March 2017 03:03 PM
Shonali Sabherwal

Shonali Sabherwal

Ever associated an idli with the word detox? Celebrity macrobiotic nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal shifts our perspective on how to eat clean by opting for fermented foods that range from kimchee to kanji. The Mumbai-based author who has clients like Katrina Kaif and Hema Malini puts it all down in her third book, The Detox Diet

Here’s Shonali on why dairy being healthy is a myth and the strong connection between the brain and gut.

Shonali Sabherwal

Did you have a light bulb moment or was this a project that has been on your mind for a while?
This project has been on my mind, it’s the third baby in my repertoire of books.  And quite literally is my third child. I had planned it, but I knew the audience had to have a mindset for it.  We were all about protein, carbohydrates and fat when I started my work in India nine years ago. However, we have matured as a health  audience, and I felt it was the right time.
Give us a few detox foods to try. 
I believe in fermentation to detox so for a desi palate Kanji — made with carrots, is one such food. It’s a fermented beverage made of carrots or beetroots.  A quick pickle made in apple cider vinegar (like haldi raw), we’ve all heard of kimchee, a lassi or idli works just as well. 

You’ve said that when toxins go out of your body, a lot of emotional issues come up as well. 
Toxicity in the body results in toxicity in the mind, therefore a stirring up of toxins in the body will cause the mind to get out of balance. Hence, emotions also are disturbed.  The brain and gut are connected and you’ll have to read the book for that.
Food as medicine is a concept that you talk about. What’s a prescription diet to a cold or 

Colds, coughs, migraines and flatulence happen due a bad gut, ie, the bad bacteria outdoing the good ones, and impacting the pH of the body, causing immunity to get out of balance. The way out is to stay of trigger foods like dairy, sugar, white flour, processed and refined foods (this includes refined oils) and bring in whole grains, legumes, vegetables, good fermentation, nuts & seeds. Strengthen digestion first, then layer it with superfoods.

The Detox Diet published by Penguin Random House is priced at Rs 299.