Life coach and motivational speaker Sudhanshu Rai uses the power of storytelling to heal lives

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Sudhanshu Rai

Storytelling allows Sudhanshu Rai to fulfil his two other roles – motivational speaker and life coach, with equal passion. And it is the raconteur in him that helps him alleviate stress, heal lives and enhance people’s imagination. Gurgoan-based Rai, who stresses that life coaches don’t change lives, rather, they merely act as a constant reminder and motivator in life, is also known for his popular fictional character Detective Boomrah. Here, he talks about his many roles, his sound-based therapy, and launching the first look of Detective Boomrah. Excerpts:  

You are a storyteller, a life coach and a motivational speaker. Which among these do you most passionately practice?

All three roles are important to me, and I try to perform each role with equal passion. However, storytelling is the closest to my heart. While it allows me to be creative or imaginative, it even helps me fulfil my role as a motivational speaker or life coach, to a great extent. Through my stories, I help my listeners digress from troubling issues pertaining to their day-to-day lives; I make my listeners travel to unexplored and unseen streets in some foreign land by enhancing their imagination.

Did you become a storyteller first and life coach and a motivational speaker later? Tell us the story.

My journey as a storyteller started when I was a child. The concept of storytelling and the way I have perceived it has been quite different from those who follow the convention. Even when I was in the growing up phase of my life, every happening around me appeared as a story to me. For my journey as a life coach, it started when the realisation synced in that life isn’t merely about achieving professional success, and certainly not just about toeing the line pre-defined by society. In the course of the competitive life that we pursue, we need to enjoy the smaller moments that bring smiles and inner satisfaction. Life coaches don’t change any person, they merely act as a constant reminder and motivator to remind a person that it’s important to live rather than just spend a life.

Tell us about your Sound-based therapy and positive thinking modes.

Sound therapy is the simplest and one of the most effective tools for ensuring mental wellness. When we talk about sound as a therapy, it starts right from the sound of our breathing. The sound, pace and pattern of inhaling and exhaling depicts the mental and physical status of an individual. Merely focusing on that sound helps your mind relax. Some other tools of sound therapy are humming/Bhramari, the sound of nature, the sound of music and the sound of chanting or some instrument.

What made you launch Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai on YouTube? What's upcoming there?

I have a channel on YouTube as well as an official page on Facebook. The decision to launch a channel was taken primarily on the basis of the style of my storytelling. While I narrate my stories in my own voice, I create images of characters portrayed and appropriate ambience required for it. And YouTube being the leading global video-sharing platform, it was the most ideal destination for my stories.

With regard to what’s upcoming on my channel, I am launching a new segment where I would narrate stories shared by my fans and listeners. The stories might be some real-life experiences or fictional creations by some of my most amazing listeners. The first story is already out on my channel.

The first look of Detective Boomrah

You write thriller and detective stories and the character Detective Boomrah is quite popular on social media. Which is your favourite fictional detective?

Yes, Detective Boomrah has been a favourite of my listeners since I launched him in one of my stories and it's a pleasure to bring the ace sleuth before the fans through a video. The mantra of Detective Boomrah that everything is possible on this earth is something that makes him stand out of the crowd. Unlike other fictional detectives, Boomrah doesn’t fear to venture into the world of unknown or paranormal. Thanks to his acumen and daring attitude, he has succeeded in cracking each case that comes his way.

There have been several fictional detective characters who have achieved iconic status over the years. My personal favourites include Sherlock Holmes and our very own Byomkesh Bakshi.

Future plans?

I will very soon venture into production. We are initiating talks with some major OTT platforms and you might see Detective Boomrah personified on one of these OTT platforms or even the big screen. I may plan to write a thriller novel or book in the time to come.