World Bicycle Day: Five reasons you should switch to e-cycles

If you are tech-savvy then you can opt for battery-powered e-cycles 

author_img F Khatoon Published :  03rd June 2021 12:55 PM   |   Published :   |  03rd June 2021 12:55 PM


With the pandemic hitting us hard, our consciousness towards the environment and our readiness to make significant changes in our lives to combating climate change, demands more from us. Reducing the carbon print, apart from adopting an eco-friendly way of life through big and small lifestyle changes is ideal. And towards this end opting for cycles is n universally-approved method. However, if you are tech-savvy then you can also opt for e-cycles which are battery-powered, a great alternative to the fuel-based transport system. To convince you of the same we have Aditya Munjal, Director Hero Cycles and CEO, Hero Lectro giving five solid reasons to help you make the switch this World Bicycle Day. Here they are:

No stress of rising fuel prices

This one definitely helps you in saving big bucks! As fuel prices are hiked for the 14th time this month, consumers are feeling the heat. If you’re someone who’s looking out for a long-lasting solution to the ever-fluctuating fuel prices – then look no further. An E-cycle which can take you at a mere 7paise/km is the answer to your woes. 

Ride on to become a healthier version of you

With long working hours and packed work schedules, it is hard to find additional time for exercise. However, your daily commute can be a saviour! By selecting the “pedal” mode on an E-Cycle you could get a good cardio regime. Simultaneously, turning on the electric motor could allow you to ride back without breaking into a sweat for a sweet 25kms on one single charge.

Low carbon footprint

An E-cycle has a lower carbon footprint as compared to an ICE engine two-wheeler. If you choose to switch from your personal car or bike to an E Cycle for short-distance trips, you would be saving a lot of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Ease of use, no license

Much like a bicycle, E Cycles are a hassle-free mode of transport that people of all age groups can adopt and use with ease. With no requirement of a license, you can simply pick up an E Cycle from a store and hit the road straight. 

Reduce traffic congestion

If a significant part of the urban population shifts from cars to E Cycles, imagine the remarkable effect it will have on the daily traffic and congestion in our cities. Freedom from traffic blues, hassle-free movement and lesser travel times will become a reality.