Shahid Kapoor makes buzz cut trendy again: How to maintain this hairstyle

Curated By Muskan Khullar

For the last couple of years, Shahid Kapoor had been rocking a messy layered hairstyle

However, earlier this week, he decided to give himself a little updo and he opted for a buzz cut

He shared multiple photos flaunting the hairstyle and now that he has made it trendy again, we believe many would want to replicate the look

If you are one of them, then you need to learn how to maintain a buzz cut. For starters, invest in a paraben and sulphate free scalp shampoo as your product will be more in contact with the scalp skin now

This may shock you but with buzz cut, since the skin exposure is much more, you need to invest in an SPF-based hair spray

Most men opt for a buzz cut to improve their hair quality. If you are one of them, then consider massaging your scalp and also microneedling your bald spots to promote hair growth

Make sure your haircare includes hydrating oils like avocado, rosemary amongst others to keep the hair healthy and shiny


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