Gadget Boy Review: 02 Cure PLUG & PLAY

author_img Ashok Pandian Published :  17th November 2020 08:17 PM   |   Published :   |  17th November 2020 08:17 PM
O2 Cure Plug and Play

O2 Cure Plug and Play

PLUG & PLAy from O2 Cure is a unique air purifier that promises to eliminate bacteria, mould, odour and VOCs. It comes in a very compact factor and provides an air-treatment system without a mechanical filter. I have been using this device for a week now and found it to be quite effective at removing odour and any signs of mould (especially during the rainy season). It utilises a technology called Photohydroionization that uses UV light to develop an oxidative process to eliminate germs and odour. The device could be of great use even in clinical settings and various commercial establishments. 

Rs. 49,500