November 2, 2022

This International Stress Awareness Day, here are seven ways to keep your stress levels under check

Curated by Mayur Kaushal

Get more physically active

You can start with activities like walking or light exercise. Choose some activity that you will enjoy doing.

Restrict screen time

In general, spending too much time in front of screens is linked to decreased psychological well-being and higher levels of stress.

Eat healthy

Minimise intake of junk and processed foods. Include more vegetables, fruits and other whole foods in your diet.

Take care of yourself

Indulge in activities that you enjoy doing, like exercising, reading or practising a hobby.

Spend more time with family and friends

Support and motivation from family and friends can help reduce your stress levels.

Spend time with nature

Studies show that being with nature and spending time in green spaces like parks and forests are beneficial strategies to reduce stress.

Practice yoga

Yoga combines mental and physical practices that could aid in achieving harmony between body and mind.

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