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Ibis Kochi’s first-ever food festival lets you kart through Karaikudi

Embark on a journey of fiery flavours.

Published on 18th May 2018

Two Karaikudi-based cooks bring authentic flavours of Chettinad to Kochi

From cooking for 80,000 people to preparing Ex-CM Jayalalithaa’s favourites, these guys have done it all

Published on 20th April 2018

Eye-catching hues and traditional motifs define Studio Virupa’s aesthetic

An embodiment of their love for heritage, timeless style and antiques, their Instagram page is a well-stocked repertoire of drapes

Published on 6th April 2018

Why Mutton Chettinadu is one of the greatest Indian dishes

Lessons on spice and balanc, here's how you can whip up a classic desi meat feast

Published on 5th January 2018
Krishnaa Shyam

Prints charming: Bath-based designer launches Kickstarter project in support of Chettinad artisans

The artistic and culinary legacy of Chettinadu is the leitmotif of Krishnaa Shyam’s Full Circle Scarves project 

Published on 27th October 2017

Head to Kattappas for the city's best Chettinad starters

Kattappas Restaurant, the city's new Chettinad food joint stands out for their assortment of starters.

Published on 2nd June 2017

World-renowned Anjappar restaurant opens their first outlet in Kerala

The brand ambassadors of Chettinad cuisine sure has some unique dishes

Published on 12th May 2017

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