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TikTok is the highest grossing app of 2020, despite being banned in India

Dating app Tinder is a close second 

Published on 11th January 2021

Users may soon be able to watch Instagram and TikTok videos on the Google app 

Experts think Google is doing this in a bid to retain users on its platform

Published on 30th December 2020

Facebook tries to take on TikTok again; launches a new iOS app called Collab

The experimental app for making collaborative music videos is now available on the App Store in the US

Published on 15th December 2020
A screenshot of TikTok app

Mexican drug cartels are now posting on TikTok; videos of car chases and guns go viral 

"Did the cartels just roll out their TikTok marketing strategy?" asked one user in a video viewed some 490,000 times. "Is the coronavirus affecting y'all's sales?"

Published on 30th November 2020
TikTok stops working in India

American judge blocks Trump's ban on TikTok 

This ban was to go into effect on September 20

Published on 28th September 2020

TikToker Bunnyvox to focus on music post her debut in Vidyarthi   

Varshinne aka TikTok sensation Bunnyvox makes her acting debut

Published on 23rd September 2020

TikTok is disappointed with the US move to ban the app from Sunday

The US Commerce Department said on Friday that as of Sunday, any moves to distribute or maintain TikTok on app stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play Store will be prohibited

Published on 19th September 2020

Reports suggest ByteDance plans TikTok IPO on US stock exchange

The move for a TikTok IPO globally on a US stock exchange is aimed at addressing ownership concerns, said the report on Thursday, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter

Published on 18th September 2020

Report: Will TikTok-Oracle deal result in a separate US firm? 

However, what will be the size of Oracle's ownership is still not clear

Published on 16th September 2020

YouTube takes on TikTok; launches its new 15-second video feature, Shorts, in India

"Shorts is a new way to express yourself in 15 seconds or less," YouTube said in a statement

Published on 15th September 2020

Report: ByteDance will not sell TikTok's US biz to Oracle

State-owned China Global Television Network (CGTN) said it "has learned from sources that ByteDance will also not sell TikTok's US operations to Oracle"

Published on 14th September 2020
TikTok stops working in India

Oracle wins the deal to run TikTok's US business; beats Microsoft

According to NYT, Oracle has cultivated close ties with the Trump administration

Published on 14th September 2020

Do you feel Instagram Reels is similar to TikTok? 9 out of 10 Americans think the same

Facebook last week rolled out a dedicated tab for Instagram Reels in India. With Reels, one can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects and new creative tools

Published on 8th September 2020

Report: Oppo likely to launch video making app like TikTok

This is a bit surprising because, among the Android smartphone brand, only Xiaomi appears to have taken a services strategy seriously so far

Published on 5th September 2020
Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez

Trevor Daniel on working with Selena Gomez and getting more personal in his future songs

With two Billboard hits and a collab with Selena Gomez, American singer-songwriter Trevor Daniel is enjoying his best year as a musician yet

Published on 4th September 2020

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