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A glimpses of the guests joining the inauguration of an exhibition of the show

Artist Shailu Pendyala's exhibition ‘Pict-O-Poesia’ reflects paintings inspired by poetry

A Hyderabadi wife, mother, grandmother and artist, Shailu Pendyala married poetry with her paintings

Published on 30th August 2022

Paintings on the wall

The murals of Mattanchery palace are an artistic marvel, especially the Ramayana stories on the walls of the coronation hall. TNIE dives into the details of what makes them special

Published on 12th August 2022
Sakti Burman’s work

Kalakriti Art Gallery is presenting Kalakriti Collective: The Print Show in Hyderabad

Art enthusiasts in Hyderabad are often spoiled for choice with multiple great art shows happening at the same point

Published on 28th July 2022
Artist Ashok Bhowmick with his artwork.

Ashok Bhowmick is finding freedom in binary world of imagination through art

Artists are driven by the compulsion to create, even ones without formal training. And not all are successful in the cutthroat world of galleries and auctions

Published on 10th July 2022

Art enthusiasts in Hyderabad, head out to this acrylic painting class

Paint the town red

Published on 24th June 2022
Santanu Hazarika painted a Porsche Panamera

Visual artist Santanu Hazarika does a live painting of a supercar at an event in Mumbai

At 'All you can street' the artist painted a Porsche Panamera, which grabbed eyeballs

Published on 23rd June 2022

Sip and Paint with wine at Trapeze this Friday

This weekend don’t just get tipsy on fine wine but create masterpieces with it

Published on 23rd June 2022
Purva 2022

Purva 2022 shines a spotlight on Indian art like Surpur and Kalighat paintings

The Purva 2022 art show brings together 42 pieces of work by 11 artists from across the country, all of whom practise heritage art forms

Published on 24th June 2022

Arunima Chowdhury's paintings to be displayed at Emami Art

Arunima Chowdhury's artworks have been curated by Nancy Adjania

Published on 24th June 2022
Mardi done by Alex Face

Phuket, Thailand’s touristy kitsch capital, is an artist's paradise! Here's why:

Walking along Phuket’s illustrated streets, it becomes clear that the artists are recreating the country’s lost cultural treasures

Published on 29th May 2022
Artist Mahesh Baliga (Photo: Special arrangement)

Artist Mahesh Baliga to make international debut at David Zwirner Gallery in London with solo exhibition, Drawn to Remember

The gallery, whose headquarters is in New York and also has branches in London, Paris and Hong Kong, represents the who’s who of the global art world like Yayoi Kusama, Donald Judd and Carol Bove

Published on 22nd May 2022
Congregation in a village, oil on canvas (1957)

Artist Somnath Hore's ‘Wounds’ series, on display at New Delhi, portrays raw reality of starvation, loss, suffering

It was perhaps the trauma of being witness to a catastrophe like the Bengal famine in 1944 that Somnath continued to feel drawn towards pain, a theme that has come to define his artistic practice

Published on 15th May 2022
Manjunath Wali

Manjunath Wali’s new blue series of paintings capture daily life in Jodhpur

The paintings are currently on display at MKF Museum of Art in a show that is curated by fellow artist Shirley Mathew

Published on 12th May 2022
Deepa Gopal's art work

  Lovely, dark and deep

Deepa Gopal’s paintings are surreal but inspired by real-life experiences. They offer a glimpse into the feminine mindscape

Published on 11th May 2022
Artist Anthoni Guruz talks about his latest artworks for Vaanam Art Festival, wielding art as tool to create impact

Artist Anthoni Guruz talks about his latest artworks for Vaanam Art Festival, wielding art as tool to create impact

The profoundness of Anthoni Guruz’s thought, which stems from his personal experience, manifests in this meaningful artwork and speaks to you on so many levels

Published on 9th May 2022

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