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The Gaze Collection

A Humming Way champions vegan couture and grace with The Gaze collection

A Humming Way’s latest edit The Gaze shows that couture can be vegan too. It makes fashion more virtuous

Published on 2nd September 2022
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Digital traceability: Know the history of your coffee bean from birth to boiling water

Do you know where your coffee bean is from? How do you know that your Robusta is what it says it is? How can you trust what the brand says about its coffee?

Published on 31st July 2022

Arts Alive webinar to trace the journey of artists and curators amidst the pandemic

It is going to be a conversational series curated by Ramanjit Kaur and Tammy Brennan

Published on 1st July 2022

Travel back in time to trace Kazi Nazrul Islam's Kolkata connections

The event will be organised by Kolkata Explorers

Published on 10th June 2022
Still from Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Ja Riya Hoon

Eminent theatre director Anamika Haksar’s debut film Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Ja Riya Hoon celebrates human resistance and perseverance with grace 

The film promises to take you deeper into the inner life of characters from the streets of Old Delhi, who we usually ignore, and provokes thought and empathy

Published on 10th June 2022
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Here is why more and more adults are opting for cosmetic orthodontic treatments

Though traditionally braces were used as corrective devices for problems relating to a bad bite, gaps in teeth and other issues, now, they are being used for cosmetic purposes

Published on 29th May 2022

Freedom Art: Trace the impact of independence on art at CIMA Gallery

Each of the display pieces reflect the aftermath and long-term impact of partition

Published on 27th May 2022

Composer Debojyoti Mishra traces the pangs of partition through his memoir Ekoda Jahnabiteerey

The book is an ode to his father Jahnabi Ranjan Mishra

Published on 26th May 2022

CIMA Gallery Kolkata displays art that traces the effects of Independence and democracy

The exhibition will trace the journey of art in independent India

Published on 12th May 2022
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Gurugram-based nutritional coach Pratham Verma shares nutraceuticals that are best suited for Indians

Its demand in the country is seeing an upward spiral with the dietary supplements market poised to reach $10,198.57 million by 2026

Published on 1st May 2022

Dance Beats: Brace yourself for Meet Bros’ dance track, Darpok Mahiya

Punjabi singer Khushboo Grewal has lent her voice to this groovy number

Published on 21st April 2022
Food technologist Sivaranjani

Soru Paathi Story Paathi series by Neelam Social’s YouTube channel trace unspoken politics behind food

Sivaranjani and Palayam discuss the everyday lives of fishing folk, climate change and its impact on fishing, and challenges during the breeding season in their video series

Published on 20th April 2022
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Wander off-road

Over 80 acres of land at Kadamb Estate in Peyad will host the exciting race, which will be supported by Thiruvananthapuram natives as well as people from neighbouring districts.

Published on 20th April 2022
TrusTrace is the world’s first real-time traceability programme going at scale for two of the world’s largest brands in apparel and sporting goods

TrusTrace, a moral fashion platform, helps track the environmental damage caused by everything you buy!

Ethical consumers concerned about whether a sports bra was made by child labour, or the yarn for something came from an endangered forest, can now simply scan a QR code on their phones and find out

Published on 17th April 2022

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