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Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Try Kate Middleton's favourite workout at home

CrossFit is one of the most effective workouts to build muscle, burn fat, and tone your body

Published on 18th August 2022
One should exercise daily, and adopt healthy lifestyle habits to maintain muscles as you age

Here's why you need to focus on muscle health as you get older

Muscles are important for movement and must be preserved as we age in order to maintain strength and function

Published on 22nd August 2022

Actress Nina Dobrev’s favourite Les Mills workouts are now in Coimbatore

Sisters Nithyanandhini and Savithra Manoharan have partnered up with the world leaders in choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness classes

Published on 18th May 2018
Holistic wellness has certainly taken over the fitness industry.

Are fitness AI and automated trainers the next big thing in wellness?

The pandemic-driven digital revolution led to the launch of several AI-enabled fitness products, including in the virtual medium. The Omicron threat just upped the ante

Published on 12th December 2021
Must-have gym equipments

Five must-have equipment for home workouts to improve your fitness journey

Here are a few items to consider buying before starting your weight loss or weight gain journey

Published on 19th October 2022
Cult.fit gym in Chennai

Fitness goals 2022: These fitness apps are a must-have for your home workouts and diet plans 

From Live online fitness classes to the best diet plans for your healthy routine, here's what these apps have to offer...

Published on 27th January 2022
Celebrity Pilates instructor Yasmin Karachiwala

EXCL: 'I wanted to keep workout interesting for people all the time,' says celebrity Pilates instructor Yasmin Karachiwala

Ahead of the fourth edition of Pilates Festival India, Yasmin shares how Pilates can transform your body from within and busts common myths about the exercise form

Published on 6th January 2023

Farah Khan appeals to 'privileged' stars to stop posting workout videos: "Most of us have bigger concerns"

Several stars like Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty and  others have been posting their workout routines at home.

Published on 26th March 2020
Fight Camp is an interactive workout with premium equipment

Gadgets of the week: Fight Camp's interactive workout and the Carol exercise bike will make your fitness routine easier

Here is our compilation of the latest gadgets that are all the rage at the moment

Published on 4th November 2022
Shehnaaz Gill

Shehnaaz Gill tries a new workout regime to grab attention from Thor

The reality TV star will next be seen in Salman Khan starrer Kisika Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

Published on 9th September 2022
Fitness coaches

Refresh your workout routine

Spruce up your workout routine with these practices suggested by three city-based fitness coaches

Published on 9th August 2022

Want to burn fat? Try this newly launched workout regimen

Cult.fit introduces this new workout keeping in mind calorie-burning and strength building

Published on 3rd June 2022

App update: Apple Fitness+ adds post-childbirth workouts for new mothers

The workouts are intended to help users "feel stronger and more energetic"

Published on 6th April 2022

Men in Bengaluru are signing up for pilates, here's why!

Men in Bengaluru are warming up to the strengthening regimen, which has been popular among women after the likes of Deepika Padukone and Malaika Arora opted for it  

Published on 23rd February 2022

Snakercise: Bite-sized workouts that fit into the busiest of schedules

Can’t commit to an hour-long workout at fixed times? Try a snackercise.

Published on 23rd January 2022

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