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Facebook vs Australia: Here's the 'real story' according to the social media giant 

At the heart of the issue, in Facebook's view, is a fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship between Facebook and news publishers

Published on 25th February 2021
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Pandemic made people supportive online; Use of words like 'sacrifice', 'share' and 'help' doubled  

Researchers from University of California-LA and Harvard University analysed how two types of internet activity changed in the US for 10 weeks before and 10 weeks after March 13, 2020

Published on 22nd February 2021
Deepika Padukone Instagram Post

'Your parents must be so proud of you,' says Deepika Padukone calling out a troll who abused her verbally on social media

The man had sent a message to her twice, calling her a ‘b****’

Published on 13th February 2021
Facebook News Feed

Social media giant Facebook begins tests to reduce political posts in News Feed

The company took this step because people don't want political content to take over their News Feed

Published on 10th February 2021
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Users banned for trying to re-sell hacked accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter 

Hundreds of accounts have now been seized as a result of the action by the social media platforms

Published on 6th February 2021
Parler, a right-wing social media app

The rise and fall of American right-wing social media app Parler in the last 72 hours 

Several Republican politicians were pushing Parler as an alternative to Twitter after the Trump ban 

Published on 11th January 2021
Yangon (Xinhua) - A monkey feeds its baby at the Zoological Gardens in Yangon, Myanmar. (Xinhua/U Aung/IANS)

The trade of exotic wild animals as 'lockdown pets' is thriving on social media, says this new study  

This is despite Covid-19 restrictions and the risk of animal to human disease transmission

Published on 23rd December 2020
Report: Indians are increasingly hiding their real identities on social media

Report: Indians are increasingly hiding their real identities on social media

This is done by most users in order to not only harness free speech but also conduct malicious and harmful activities, a new report warned on Saturday

Published on 12th December 2020

Group videos chats to come to Twitter soon? The platform acquires screen-sharing social media app Squad

The Squad app will shut down on Saturday and the users have already been notified about this

Published on 12th December 2020
Most Tweeted hashtag

#ThisHappened: Top Twitter conversations of 2020 

Hashtags take conversations across timelines. These were the most Tweeted Hashtags across different interest areas in 2020. ​

Published on 8th December 2020

Reddit now has 52 million daily active users; but still lags behind rival social media platforms

This time last year, the company had 430 million monthly users, with 30 per cent year-over-year growth

Published on 2nd December 2020

Report: 73% Indians feel  tech devices and social media have increased empathy in society

The study, conducted by Lenovo, aims to find how technology can help increase understanding and deepen empathy in these tough times

Published on 12th November 2020
Samsung's Sero, the rotating TV

Samsung launches a 43-inch rotating TV for the social media generation

Called Sero, it is the world's first mobile optimised TV that rotates between horizontal and vertical orientations at the flick of a button

Published on 11th November 2020

Report: Three out of four users in India log on to social media platforms during their leisure time

According to the findings, 73 per cent of Internet users sign into social networking platforms every day and they are most active between 7 pm and 11 pm

Published on 10th November 2020

Plea in SC seeks Centre to hold social media platforms responsible for spreading hate speech

The plea has sought separate laws to regulate content on social media platforms

Published on 31st October 2020

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