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A new study says that one in two Indians are afraid of online dating

The report is by cybersecurity firm McAfee

Published on 27th January 2021
Study: Students keep their cameras off on Zoom classes because they are concerned about their looks

Study: Students keep their cameras off on Zoom classes as they are concerned about their looks

For the study published in the journal 'Ecology and Evolution', the researchers surveyed 312 students in the class at the end of the semester

Published on 20th January 2021

Contrary to perception, people on dating apps are actually looking for long-term relationships: new study

The results showed that couples that formed after meeting on an app were more motivated by the idea of cohabiting than others

Published on 1st January 2021
Yangon (Xinhua) - A monkey feeds its baby at the Zoological Gardens in Yangon, Myanmar. (Xinhua/U Aung/IANS)

The trade of exotic wild animals as 'lockdown pets' is thriving on social media, says this new study  

This is despite Covid-19 restrictions and the risk of animal to human disease transmission

Published on 23rd December 2020
Indians are spending more time on their smartphones

Study: Indians are spending more time on their smartphones

The daily time spent on smartphones has increased by 25 percent on average in India

Published on 14th December 2020

This Pacman-like video game helped scientists study emotions in the human brain

Emotions are complex phenomena that influence our minds, bodies and behaviour

Published on 7th December 2020

Research study: Smartphone game may improve mental health

Published in the journal PLOS ONE, the study conducted shows that gamifying the content of mobile interventions improved resilience

Published on 3rd September 2020

Facebook and Instagram launch a study to see if their algorithms promote racial bias

The social media giants are alarmed at the growing hateful content on their platforms

Published on 23rd July 2020
Livit StudyPod

A study reveals politicians who post puns on Twitter lose followers' trust

The results showed that people were more likely to view messages using humour as inappropriate for a political candidate they didn't know

Published on 15th June 2020

Pandemic effect: K7 Computing firm's study reveals Kerala, Punjab and TN register highest number of cyber attacks

A comprehensive analysis of cyber attacks during the lockdown has found that Kerala recorded the highest number of cyber attacks

Published on 21st May 2020

Tech mogul Jeff Bezos could be world's first trillionaire by 2026, study suggests 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg could gain trillionaire status almost a decade later than Bezos

Published on 15th May 2020

Posting edited selfies on Instagram increases the risk of eating disorders, study suggests 

The study was published in the International Journal Eating Disorders

Published on 7th May 2020

Study: VR could become a tool in the treatment of violent offenders

According to the study published in the journal eNeuro

Published on 21st April 2020

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