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Satish Gujral’s burnt wood sculptures at a limited series exhibition examine the allegories of rage and freedom in modern India

Unique sculptures in burnt wood capture the rage that late artist Satish Gujral was feeling during the Emergency

The public recently saw a rare aspect of his artistic practice, hosted as part of the Kiran Gujral Art Initiative

Published on 8th May 2022
Saju Thuruthil's mural

Master of murals

Saju Thuruthil is the first Malayali artist to acquire a doctorate in Kerala mural paintings.

Published on 6th May 2022

Hyderabad's artist Deepa Nath is displaying a painting and sculpture exhibition called Collective Conscience

The exhibition displayed at Goethe-Zentrum titled stirs our hearts in the farthest corner

Published on 5th May 2022
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Artist Pandit Khairnar’s latest exhibition in New Delhi is an extension of his passion for landscape works

The ongoing exhibition (ends on May 7) titled Between Light and Shadow: Travels through an Indian Landscape marks the centenary year celebration of the gallery

Published on 1st May 2022
Rajasree Nambiar's work

Handweaving an entrepreneurial dream

Rajasree Nambiar has been making unique dreamcatchers for many years now

Published on 27th April 2022
Adopt the principle of ‘décor with a purpose’ rather than randomly placing a set of eye-pleasing artefacts in your home and office

The science of Vastu: Here is a complete guide on what art and decor should occupy your space

Each direction has different energies and hence what you place in these directions affects one or other dimension of your life

Published on 24th April 2022
Artists Sakti Burman, Maite Delteil and Maya Burman

Iconic French-Indian artist couple Sakti Burman, Maite Delteil, daughter Maya Burman’s exhibition showcases stunning works

The Burman family, including Sakti’s French wife Maite Delteil and their daughter Maya, have made India’s art repertoire richer with their intricate and vibrant paintings

Published on 17th April 2022
Paintings by Jay Varma

A descendent of Raja Ravi Varma, Jay Varma showcases his paintings that breathe new life into the panchakanyas

The paintings are an ode to the powerful women in his family — his mother, the artist Rukmini Varma, and his great grandmother, the last queen of Travancore — Sethu Lakshmi Bayi

Published on 15th April 2022
Artist Vincent Kanjiramkulam’s Shocking Memories

Reclaiming lost memories

Artist Vincent Kanjiramkulam’s ‘Shocking Memories’ narrates the evolution of humans dealing with immense pain 

Published on 12th April 2022
Rachana Mahadimane’s watercolour paintings

This Bengaluru artist's paintings of heritage homes is helping preserve the architectural legacy of the city

Bengaluru-based artist Rachana Mahadimane works on watercolour paintings centred around heritage structures to raise awareness on preservation

Published on 11th April 2022
One of the paintings from Susegad

Goa-based artist Darpan Kaur showcases her new collection of paintings titled Susegad, in Bengaluru

The 22 abstract acrylic paintings on paper, canvas and wood evoke different emotions of joy, peace and tranquility, and justify the title of the show

Published on 8th April 2022
Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya's painting

Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya’s latest collection of paintings is a character study of the Mahabharata

The Kolkata-based painter has been part of over 58 shows around the world and has been making art since the 1960s

Published on 8th April 2022
Pablo Picasso’s significant anti-war painting ‘Guernica’

Picasso meets Satyajit Ray: Echoes of Ukraine war depicted in stunning artworks in Kolkata

These artworks adorn a small neighbourhood in the City of Joy depicting public angst over the Ukraine War, to struggles of local community

Published on 13th March 2022
International Women's Day special

She paints, she creates and so she is

The realm of art, it is said, does not indulge in definitions of boundaries, gender, caste or religion

Published on 10th March 2022

Hope will always win: Salman Khan talks about his new paintings and his love for Mother Teresa

The actor showcases new paintings at his first ever solo art show in Bengaluru

Published on 5th March 2022

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