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Priyanka Chopra

You are my rock: Priyanka Chopra to mother

Happy birthday Ma. You are my absolute Rock. Thank you for teaching me your integrity and values. Owe you all that I am... Love you mostest," Priyanka tweeted.

Published on 16th June 2017

Quick bites for people on the move

Snacko offers a simple menu with a variety of grab ‘n’ go options

Published on 16th June 2017

Stray Factory debuts their short theatricals in Kochi

Jollytown is a collection of six short plays that have travelled the world

Published on 16th June 2017

Poet Sudheer Raj reveals his brand of artivism

A poet who became popular through his social media presence talks about poetry and activism

Published on 16th June 2017

Ruchira Nangalia's androgynous line integrates the trend with handblock printing

Highlighting a play on the rugged texture of handloom fabrics sourced from South India, Fluid features an earthy colour palette.

Published on 16th June 2017
Laurie Baker

Documentary on British-Indian architect Laurie Baker's life, work

Through Uncommon Sense: The Life and Architecture of Laurie Baker, Radhakrishnan wants the younger generation to form their own opinions about the visionary.

Published on 14th June 2017

Bean therapy: Does your 9-year-old eat dark chocolate?

An increasing number of people want their dark chocolate darker, find chocolatiers who cater exclusively to the bittersweet market

Published on 9th June 2017
Pranav Chaganty

Telugu rap hits take-off velocity with Pranav Chaganty 

This Hyderabadi-writer is revolutionising Telugu rap culture with some pacy renditions, as he takes-off into the film industry. 

Published on 9th June 2017

Chef Janice Wong on artisanal chocolates and her favourite Indian sweets

The celebrity dessert chef creates an installation of 1,000 chocolate lollipops made from 20 kilograms of chocolate for Fabelle

Published on 9th June 2017

Chopsuey isn’t Chinese! Holiday Inn wants foodies to sample real Asian flavours

Bengaluru-based chef Pawan Kumar hopes to reorient your palate while hosting Kochi’s latest Pan-Asian food festival.

Published on 10th June 2017

Youngsters from Kerala start an NGO to anonymously help underprivileged kids

Neither do they hold any publicity campaigns, nor do they receive any funds through advertisements.

Published on 10th June 2017

Daira set to premiere their second album in Kochi

This release will feature eight songs including Sahaafi

Published on 9th June 2017
Spanish Seafood Fiesta

Savour the staples from Spanish cuisine this weekend at Casino

Tapas and paellas people!

Published on 9th June 2017

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