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Manisha Koirala

Looked like alien after chemotherapy, says Manisha

Manisha, known for her roles in films like 1942: A Love Story, Agni Sakshi, Saudagar and Bombay, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012

Published on 20th April 2017

Crust pizzeria ups the ante with plans of flavoured bases like oregano and herb

Chennai's newest thin crust pizzeria serves up a crispy bite and plates pepperoni slices we can't get enough of

Published on 21st April 2017
Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam goes bald, says he isn't anti-Muslim

After the tweets sparked a row, a cleric in West Bengal, Syed Shah Atif Ali Al-Qaderi, announced he would give Rs 10 lakh to anyone who shaves off Sonu Nigam's head

Published on 20th April 2017
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger to narrate documentary

The film is co-directed by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jean-Jacques Mantello

Published on 19th April 2017

Meet Akbar's ghost as Allan Sealy weaves together poetry and prose

Underlying the depiction of a rich and varied court life at Sikri in the book are reflections on kingship, meditation on fathers and sons and a  plot that tells a crackling story of  love

Published on 19th April 2017
Ananya Malhotra

Ananya Malhotra launches her new collection Lotus Samsara 

An extension of her previous collection, Lotus Samsara marks the rebranding of her label, now Ananya, and the beginning of a bolder and more vibrant phase in the 24-year-old’s design sensibilities.

Published on 14th April 2017

Palatial pursuits - the suite life of royals at Mahmudabad Estate

Fireworks and flavour are synonymous in Lucknow, whether you snack off the street or dine with a real life Nawab

Published on 14th April 2017

The Great Biriyani Challenge by Aasife Biriyani

Send in your registration forms for the biriyani contest by April 21

Published on 17th April 2017
Flora Saini

Flora Saini is making a mark with her bold choice of roles

Known to speak her mind about any topic ranging from the casting couch to body shaming within the industry, we speak to her about her role in Begum Jaan.

Published on 17th April 2017

Chennai’s raddest Easter treats in an ‘egg shell’ 

From a Victorian-inspired Simnel cake that dates all the way back to medieval times to a new-age Ice Cream Easter egg that is stored at -16° celsius, there is an eclectic feast to be had this Easter

Published on 14th April 2017

Watch special: Retro revival

New designs hark back to the past, in tribute to legacy techniques and styles

Published on 14th April 2017
Sania Mirza

Baseline basics: Sania Mirza on her favourite designer

From street shopping to her favourite designer, the face of  Label Bazaar tells us what keeps her ticking

Published on 14th April 2017

Escape from reality

A look back at the week that was on screen

Published on 14th April 2017

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