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Dating app Tinder to remove social handles from bios

On Friday, the dating service Tinder announced revisions to its current Community Guidelines, including the removal of social handles from public biographies.

Published on 12th May 2023

Samsung Galaxy Watch's Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification feature cleared by FDA

The Samsung Health Monitor app for the Galaxy Watch has obtained FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification for its Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) feature.

Published on 10th May 2023
Meta-owned WhatsApp

WhatsApp starts beta testing Wear OS app for Android smartwatches

For Android smartwatches like the Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 5, and other devices, Meta-owned WhatsApp has begun beta testing the Wear OS app. 

Published on 10th May 2023

Apple launches Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro tools on iPad

Video and music artists may purchase Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad on the App Store for Rs 499 per month or Rs 4,999 per year with a one-month free trial starting on May 23.

Published on 10th May 2023

Apple may release iOS 16.5 next week with small changes

According to reports, Apple will introduce iOS 16.5 to the general public next week with a few minor modifications.

Published on 9th May 2023

'Jamtara Global': Indian WhatsApp users flooded with spam calls

The number of international spam calls that Indian WhatsApp users have been receiving in recent days has left millions of users perplexed and many at risk of financial loss.

Published on 9th May 2023
Meta-owned WhatsApp

WhatsApp working on new feature 'admin review' on Android

According to reports, 'admin review', a new feature being developed by Meta-owned WhatsApp on Android, will give group administrators tools to assist them better moderate their groups.

Published on 8th May 2023
Models flaunting pieces from 'Release 9'

Playing with Shadows: Couturier Payal Khandwala appreciates the beauty of  shaded outlines in her new collection Release 9

Payal Khandwala’s latest edit, Release 9 is a vibrant reflection of beauty with simple inspirations, diverse hues and a return to her signature elements

Published on 5th May 2023
(L-R) Kiss Lock bag, The Narvik – bags from the collection

Autumn Audacity: Nappa Dori’s latest edit Auburn Collection is inspired by colours of fall

Newer shades like mouse, ochre and rose reign through – deviating from the usual colours majorly found across collections in the label

Published on 5th May 2023
Google Chrome

Chrome world's most popular desktop browser, Safari ranks 2nd

The most widely used desktop browser in the world is now Google Chrome, with Apple's Safari coming in second.

Published on 3rd May 2023

WhatsApp bans record over 47 lakh bad accounts in India in March

According to the new IT Rules 2021, Meta-owned WhatsApp banned a total of over 47 lakh problematic accounts in India in the month of March, the firm announced on Monday.

Published on 2nd May 2023
Meta-owned WhatsApp

WhatsApp rolling out 'side-by-side' feature on Android tablets

According to reports, a new "side-by-side" feature for Android tablets is being rolled out for some beta testers by Meta-owned WhatsApp.

Published on 1st May 2023
Telegram channel

Hackers selling new malware on Telegram that targets macOS users

Threat actors are selling a new piece of malware called Atomic macOS Stealer, which targets macOS platforms and can harvest passwords, wallet information, and other data, on the Telegram channel.

Published on 1st May 2023

Nearly 80% of iPhone users now own an Apple Watch

According to a study, Apple Watch has the biggest market share of any brand and is used by nearly 80% of smartwatch users who also possess an iPhone.

Published on 30th April 2023

When you’re happy and you know it: 5 apps to track your happiness levels 

After a variety of physical health trackers in the market, it’s the turn of emotional well-being. Here are five apps that can help you keep a measure of your mood

Published on 30th April 2023

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