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Ochre at Home's Monsoon Art Show offers artistic options

Curated by Pinky Agarwal and Shweta Arya this month-long show showcases a vast variety of work by talented artists

Published on 28th July 2023
(from left) Dohnraj & The Peculiars, Blot!, Easy Wanderlings, Yung Raja. (bottom) The F16s.

Indie on the rise: Performing artistes at the Circle of Love festival 2023 tell us what to expect

As Chennai prepares for the Circle of Love festival, headlining artistes share their excitement and their take on how the fest is uplifting the indie scene

Published on 21st July 2023
Raveena Mehta

Indie artiste Raveena Mehta opens up about her new song, 'Kho Jaun Main' 

Kho Jaun Main immerses us in vulnerability and resilience

Published on 21st July 2023
Vijayaraghavan artwork titled Procession

Madras Muse’ exhibition titled Experimentative Novelties showcases the art of deconstruction

This multi-nuanced exhibition by five artists is deeply rooted in enquiry with visual narratives that meet the socio-political, cultural, and ecological realities of today

Published on 14th July 2023
The exhibition is on till September 30, 2023

Emami Art hosts an exhibition on artist Lalit Mohan Sen 

Curated by Debudutta Gupta, it will display paintings, sketches, prints, and more

Published on 13th July 2023

Multi-talented artiste Anu Vaidyanathan’s stand-up show BC: AD (Before Children, After Diapers) brings fresh perspectives on parenting and motherhood

Ahead of her show this weekend, we catch up with the renowned multi-talented artiste to get a sneak peek of her show.

Published on 14th July 2023

Two thought-provoking solo exhibitions in Mumbai this July

This is a rare opportunity to see so many works by the artists of high quality in the same space

Published on 13th July 2023
Poster of Aarzoo

Aarzoo: Indie artiste Iqlipse Nova new track portrays love and friendship

 The IITian turned artiste-entrepreneur exemplifies that sometimes silence speaks volumes

Published on 10th July 2023

This city-based artiste known for his previous hit Don’t Fall In Love, just released his latest single, Closer

With three singles released, this wunderkind shows no signs of slowing down. We get chatty with the artiste to find out more about his latest release, Closer

Published on 8th July 2023
In Frame: Namboothiri

Adieu maestro artist Namboothiri

Armed with an exceptional grasp over different mediums, be it clay, wood, metal or canvas, he wrought magic through his artistic lines

Published on 8th July 2023
Prints from Mayflower

Fashion designer Ridhi Mehra’s new edit Mayflower brings water colour artistry on pret wear 

The edit is a breezy ready-to-wear collection perfect for the season

Published on 7th July 2023
Mime Artiste Srikanta Bose

Mime artiste Srikanta Bose to perform One Man Mime

Head over to Jogesh Mime Academy to watch the mesmerizing act

Published on 29th June 2023
Made of sandalwood brought from the forests of Mysore, the box has come into the global limelight

Sandalwood box gifted by PM Modi to Biden made by Jaipur artist

Prime Minister Modi had gifted a sandalwood Krishna Pankhi (fan)made by the same artist to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

Published on 24th June 2023
Alvin Presley and Takar Nabam

Music artistes Alvin Presley and Takar Nabam speak bout their tour of dreams to Indulge

The musicians from Chennai and Itanagar are on a four-city tour at present

Published on 16th June 2023

Pride month special: Artistic director of KM Music Conservatory Adam Greig on the importance of diversity, feeling seen and finding your tribe

Twelve years ago, long before he was the artistic director at KM, when he first got the call to come to Chennai for a job opportunity, Adam tells us in many ways he went 'back into  into the closet'. 

Published on 16th June 2023

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