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Paloma about town: Beach weekends, birthday reels and a new home decor destination

January went by in a blink. Here is what Chennai's hip and happening folks were up to last week

Published on 4th February 2022
Limón owner Aradhana Anand and her collection of upholstered chairs and cushions

Delhi-based company Limon focuses solely on creating comfy chairs and vibrant cushions

Belgian-American poet and novelist, May Sarton once said, “A house that does not have one warm, comfy chair in it is soulless.” Something that Delhi-based Limón understands all too well

Published on 31st January 2022

Fusing traditional art and home decors

Kiron Nair’s decor designs are unique. Her spatulas are beautified with Madhubani art and cushion covers are swathed in Theyyam and Kathakali motifs

Published on 21st January 2022

Spruce up your home with plantain decors

Architect Anooja Jayalakshmi has been crafting furniture and decors from plantain fibres. Now, she is trying to popularise the craft in the state

Published on 20th January 2022

Kraft Retail Dining on the ECR serves up global plates, browse the architect-owner's home decor fittings while you wait for your food

We recommend the Sri Lankan crab curry which is a must-try on the menu

Published on 31st December 2021

Before the year ends head to these spots in Bengaluru to check out the Christmas and New Year decor

From a Christmas tree made with recycled material to giant installations of polar bears and seals, these venues in the city have pulled out all stops for the New Year decor

Published on 27th December 2021
The outdoors at Shalom

In Lonavala, a quaint garden house that takes you back in time

The wilderness of nature makes your heart sing in the quietude of this cosy bungalow close to Lonavala in Maharashtra, but far from maddening crowds

Published on 19th December 2021
Renovation and repurposing entails a sensitivity towards what was, while updating spaces for changing lifestyles and giving them a new lease of life

Renovate, repurpose, relive

From a humdrum 80s house to a handsome contemporary home, architect and planner Maya Gomez tells us how she set about updating her Thiruvananthapuram abode

Published on 19th December 2021
Launched just five years ago with a manufacturing facility in Ambala, Bent Chair has made big design leaps since then.

Decor brand Bent Chair's newest flagship store in New Delhi offers trendy yet timeless interior styling options

The cool and quirky décor brand takes bold to a whole other level with its new Alibaba’s cave of a flagship store

Published on 5th December 2021

From potted plants to sequin cushions, here are six ways to decorate your home this Diwali

Diwali calls for one of the most rewarding of activities: decoration

Published on 3rd November 2021
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Earthy elements: Ellementry unveils a range of sustainable kitchenware to mark its third anniversary

The Canny Storage Bins set are three oval-shaped galvanised iron storage bins with wooden lids for keeping staple vegetables like onion, potato and garlic

Published on 31st October 2021
Dining with a dash of decor on Chennai's ECR

Dining with a dash of decor on Chennai's ECR

Architect Anitha Mohan brings the best of her home decor work from the label Sthalam and furniture from the brand of Wood Inc to Kraft, to offer the city a unique retail dining experience.

Published on 25th October 2021

Auruhfy’s new collection Dyuti is all about bold, sassy colours and easy silhouettes

Dyuti makes a powerful statement with its approach towards sustainable fashion

Published on 22nd October 2021
Sicis' new range of marbles

Sicis unveils new range of electric marble collection in India

Part of its Vetrite Series, it is the perfect combination of traditional and modern production processes to obtain a quality coating product that is at the same time highly decorative and extremely ve

Published on 17th October 2021
Paint a pretty pattern in the colours of your choice and place it in any space of your choice. As toy storage, a side table, a coffee table, outdoors or indoors, the options are unlimited

Pedal to the metal: Here's how to make your metal trunks look quirky

Paint up your trunks in a solid colour and stack them up as bedside tables. You could go with regular enamel for a simpler look or shiny and metallic for glitz and glam

Published on 5th October 2021

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