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Home workout is the new fitness mantra

Love working out at home? Check out these new programs by Cult.fit and Alpha Coach

These two fitness apps are offering some unique and interesting programs for those who like to workout from home

Published on 2nd October 2021
Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Try Kate Middleton's favourite workout at home

CrossFit is one of the most effective workouts to build muscle, burn fat, and tone your body

Published on 18th August 2022
One should exercise daily, and adopt healthy lifestyle habits to maintain muscles as you age

Here's why you need to focus on muscle health as you get older

Muscles are important for movement and must be preserved as we age in order to maintain strength and function

Published on 22nd August 2022

Divya Himatsingka takes Skulpt to new heights this year

With her digital initiatives, Skulpt under Divya Himatsingka is now operating globally

Published on 24th December 2021
Being Strong Fitness StudioNahidaKhanam

Being Strong Fitness Studio devises new client-centric modules     

New workout programmes are being designed at Being Strong Fitness Studio to keep the members hooked to the floor

Published on 24th December 2021
Santhosh Prathap

This Tamil actor, from Chennai, prefers MMA and calisthenics to pumping iron at the gym

He’s known for his good looks, but there’s a lot that goes into keeping that up, as we find out in conversation with Chennai-based Tamil actor Santhosh Prathap

Published on 25th June 2021
The Muscle Movement’s recent offshoot

Train, teach, transform

The Muscle Movement’s recent offshoot, Unschool — run by Guru Siddharth — offers courses for trainers, making it south India’s first school of fitness

Published on 13th October 2021

Here’s why you should take fitness trainer Pranit Shilimkar’s 37 Day Challenge

The 37dayschallenge is basically a complete guide to all components of fitness

Published on 8th June 2021

Stay fit and fab during the lockdown with these four steps by dietitian Suman Pahuja

Dietitian and nutritionist Suman Pahuja tells you how to stay fit and fab during lockdown

Published on 11th May 2020

Actress Nina Dobrev’s favourite Les Mills workouts are now in Coimbatore

Sisters Nithyanandhini and Savithra Manoharan have partnered up with the world leaders in choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness classes

Published on 18th May 2018

Online fitness consultation platform Squats launches its first store in Hyderabad

SQUATS has powered 40,000+ transformations over last 2 years through the online platform, by following latest scientific approach to nutrition and training. 

Published on 12th July 2018
Avvatar's vegetarian whey protein

How this vegetarian whey protein is changing the way you get lean muscles

Unlike other whey proteins, the grass-to-glass concept is what makes the muscle gainer unique as all others usually take a longer process than 24 hours.

Published on 31st August 2018

For Croatia World Championships, Anjali Saraogi talks about the benefits of ultra running

Running tips from Ultra Runner Anjali Saraogi, the only Inidan woman to compete in World Championships in Croatia this year

Published on 2nd September 2018

Ritu Agarwal talks fitness ahead of the Get Fit With Indulge showdown at Rush Fitness

As the last part of Get Fit with Indulge takes place at Rush Fitness, we catch up with CEO Ritu Agarwal and technical head Sanjay Dutta to know more about why competitions are important

Published on 17th February 2023
Prateik Chaudhary

Fitness comes first for Prateik Chaudhary — famous as Arjun in ‘Paramavatar Shri Krishna’

For webseries and TV actor Prateik Chaudhary, working out involves gymming, dancing and following a strict vegan diet

Published on 18th August 2022

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