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Eliza Wrap maternity dress by Misaso (Photo| Special Arrangement)

Delhi-based entrepreneurs style maternity clothes with love

Organically sourced women's clothing brand MISASO offers comfortable and trendy attire for pregnancy, post-partum or any phase of life

Published on 21st November 2021
Namrata Kumari

Raining styles

Flowy skirts, trench coats, chocolate-coloured lipstick...here’s how you can keep your fashion quotient up if you’re planning to brave the incessant showers and step out this weekend

Published on 20th November 2021

The serious consequence of exercising too much

The next time you wish to sweat buckets, remember our body perceives overtraining as physical stress and spikes our cortisol levels. Heightened cortisol levels suppress immunity

Published on 18th November 2021
Gurmeen Shrivastav’s Work From Home collection

Designer Gurmeen Shrivastav’s Work From Home collection is all about style and quirky prints

Designer Gurmeen Shrivastav’s Work From Home collection promises a stylish touch with its quirky prints

Published on 19th November 2021
Guidelines to grow healthy

Here are some guidelines for men to age with good health and reduce the risk of many diseases

A few lifestyle changes can help one stay healthy and improve one’s overall well-being

Published on 19th November 2021
Jimmy Choo’s latest Core Collection

Step out in style

Jimmy Choo introduces a chic Care Collection of new and iconic designs

Published on 14th November 2021
Things to do this weekend

Chettinad food fests, lifestyle pop-ups, live gigs and more: These events in Chennai will guarantee a fun weekend

Look forward to weekly updates on the exciting happenings in Chennai

Published on 12th November 2021
A photo walk in progress

Architecture, food, lifestyle and more: Delhi through the lens

It was a similar understanding of photography that led Rajeev Goyal to launch Delhi Photo Tours—a bespoke city tour focused on photography—in 2010

Published on 8th November 2021

Dine-in style with nature in all its glory

Sarita Handa’s elegant table linen weaves a luxurious visual tapestry for your dining experience

Published on 7th November 2021
Bani Pasricha

Make a statement with Bani Pasricha’s modish pencil silhouettes and boater-style hat 

Browsing runway pieces for Diwali? Bani Pasricha explains how to engage with couture post the pandemic

Published on 29th October 2021
Durga Venkatesh

Meet Bengaluru make-up artist Durga Venkatesh who can drape a saree in 155 styles in two hours 

She holds the record for draping the highest number of saree styles in an hour with 83 styles in the India Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records

Published on 26th October 2021

This festive pop-up in Bengaluru offers age-old weaves with contemporary styles

WeaveinIndia, a Chennai-based fashion brand that will showcase their design collections at Raintree on Sankey Road

Published on 20th October 2021
Designs by Archana Puneeth

Learn all about Parisian style from well-known designers like Anushree Reddy to Archana Puneeth

There are certain styles in the global fashion lookbook, which never go out of vogue and stand the test of time as evergreen couture

Published on 19th October 2021

Style check: Here's what to wear this Navratri!

From bringing back styles popular in the ’80s to fusion wear representing the queens of Karnataka, this Navaratri, designers are going beyond conventional designs

Published on 9th October 2021
Sonam Dubal's creation

Renowned designer Sonam Dubal’s festive range of woven jackets will surely up your style quotient

The exquisite collection is available at CIMA Art in Life exhibition till October 11

Published on 8th October 2021

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