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Holistic wellness has certainly taken over the fitness industry.

Are fitness AI and automated trainers the next big thing in wellness?

The pandemic-driven digital revolution led to the launch of several AI-enabled fitness products, including in the virtual medium. The Omicron threat just upped the ante

Published on 12th December 2021

Fitness coach Chinmoy Roy believes in a mixed bag of exercises to keep fit

Fitness coach Chinmoy Roy believes in mixing and matching exercises and enjoying them

Published on 24th December 2021
The Portl smart mirror

What are the features of Portl, the smart fitness mirror that trains, assesses and has a slew of customisable settings?

Now you will be able to ask your (smart) mirror, who’s the fittest of them all? And this smart mirror, aka Portl, promises not to lie

Published on 5th December 2021

Fitness coach Anwar Wahab wants his students to enjoy whatever exercises they do

Fitness coach Anwar Wahab believes in enjoying whatever exercise regimen you are following

Published on 24th December 2021
Ranadeep Moitra

Fitness: Ranadeep Moitra tells us why gyms are still a better alternative than running or doing yoga

Fitness expert Ranadeep Moitra tells us why gyms are still a better alternative than running or practising yoga

Published on 24th December 2021

Yogam's Shikha Tiwari shares why a basic fitness regime is important

A fitness enthusiast herself, Shikha sheds light on Yogam’s participation in the competition and why basic fitness is wealth for all of us.

Published on 27th January 2023
Karan Wahi

Actor Karan Wahi on his wholesome approach to fitness, wellness and making ‘me time’ a priority

We catch up with the hunky actor to talk all things fitness — physical and mental

Published on 11th November 2022

Fitness Head of Skulpt Fitness Kolkata talks about Get Fit With Indulge

Get Fit with Indulge is a competitive activity between four gym facilities in Kolkata

Published on 13th January 2023
Shruti Haasan

Here’s all you need to know about Shruti Haasan’s body care and fitness regimens

The multi-lingual starlet guides us through her body care secrets

Published on 3rd November 2022

Parkour, a new fitness regimen, is getting popular in Bengaluru

The likes of Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff have been trying this new fitness regimen

Published on 24th May 2022
Beach fitness

Is beach fitness the new trend?

We rope in coaches and fitness enthusiasts to weigh in on the pros and cons of working out on the sandy beaches of Chennai

Published on 18th August 2022

Winner of Mr World body building contest, Karan Kapoor, talks about his fitness journey and what keeps him motivated

'Fitness is not a forced idea, and it will only help you live a healthy life by lowering your risk of illness,' says the winner

Published on 11th May 2022

Take fitness lessons from Mandira Bedi and style your clothes from years ago to perfection now

Much like Mandira Bedi, with a little discipline, you can also get in-shape and rock your clothes from a decade ago

Published on 3rd November 2022

Trina Saha shares her fitness fundas and skin care routine

We spoke to her about her idea of fitness and the importance of being at peace

Published on 15th July 2022
Easy inner thigh stretches

Fitness instructor Paramvir Singh gives five easy exercises to strengthen abductor muscles near the thigh

“Responsible for stability, working it out regularly will ease muscle tension in the legs and groin, and improve athletic performance,” he says

Published on 17th April 2022

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