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The Theory Café and Patisserie beckons with their Caprese Croissant, showcasing the delicious combination of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil in a golden, flaky pastry

Happy brunch at Theory

Theory Café recently underwent a menu revamp, showcasing a range of exciting new additions like Caprese Croissant and Chicken Shashlik Sizzler 

Published on 13th October 2023
Chocolate ONO

Breakfast in a Bottle’s new outlet offers healthy food options round the clock

Taking a spot at the 60-seater space, we checked out the menu that featured smoothies, chia seed puddings, smoothie bowls, overnight oats and cold pressed juices with vegan options

Published on 13th October 2023
Image Credits: Pexels

Blueberries: The antioxidant powerhouse for brain health

Blueberries are particularly abundant in a group of antioxidants known as flavonoids, with anthocyanins being the standout among them

Published on 12th October 2023
Here's what you should eat during a night shift

Here's what you should eat during a night shift

Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and seeds such as chia and flaxseeds are packed with protein, healthy fats, and fibre

Published on 11th October 2023
In a statement, Neha emphasised the significance of discussing mental health openly

World Mental Health Day: Neha Dhupia announces a family drama series on mental health

In a statement, Neha emphasised the significance of discussing mental health openly

Published on 10th October 2023
The 36-year-old Drake a  hip-hop artist made the promise to a fan, who just found out about her health problem

Drake vows to pay fan's medical bills

The 36-year-old hip-hop artiste made the promise to a fan, who just found out about her health problem

Published on 10th October 2023

On World Mental Health Day, Aamir Khan says he has been ‘reaping benefits of therapy for years’ with daughter Ira

In the clip shared on Instagram, Aamir emphasised that seeking therapy is as normal as seeking help from professionals in various fields

Published on 10th October 2023
India’s rich heritage offers a treasure trove of traditional skincare, moisturiser ingredients that have stood the test of time.

Five kitchen ingredients that elevate your skincare game

These time-tested remedies which have been passed down through generations continue to be at the heart of Indian skincare practices

Published on 10th October 2023
Bullet coffee combines coffee with MCTs

Here is how you can harness the potential of MCTs

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are found in coconut oil and ghee, which possess a unique ability to repair cell membranes

Published on 6th October 2023
Super foods are essential for heart health, immunity, and wellness. Consuming these foods sensibly and intelligently can upregulate immunity and boost energy.

Here are 7 best foods for heart health

You can list down these seven super foods and see how they fit into your life for your desires of wellness

Published on 5th October 2023
Dry fruits

Health benefits of incorporating dry fruits into your diet

From improved heart health to enhanced digestion, here's why you should consider adding dry fruits to your daily meals.

Published on 4th October 2023

Vijay Varma underwent body transformation for his role in Jaane Jaan

He plays a sharp, witty, honest, intellectual cop in the movie

Published on 2nd October 2023

IIM Lucknow’s new model to mitigate cybersecurity risk in healthcare

The increasing complexity and sensitivity of data in healthcare organisations have heightened their susceptibility to cyberattacks

Published on 29th September 2023
Six Senses Vana, Dehradun

Head to Six Senses Vana in Dehradun for some much required healing, in the hills!

This ultra-luxury spa resort tucked away in the outskirts of Dehradun promises to rejuvenate, in opulence, minus the hedonism…

Published on 27th September 2023
Representational image (Source: Unsplash)

Heart: Guard your greatest asset 

Ahead of World Heart Day on September 29, let’s take a look at possible reasons that can cause the risk of heart attacks among people aged 55 and below.

Published on 28th September 2023

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