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Ray Ban smart glasses

Opal C1 webcam, Fenda Audio F&D PA 300, Easyfone Shield, Continental GreenConcept Tyre and more: These gizmos are all the rage right now

This week’s gadgets include an Opal C1 webcam, Fenda Audio F&D PA 300, Easyfone Shield, Ray-Ban and Facebook’s Stories, all-in-one docking station Logi Dock and more

Published on 18th September 2021
Audi’s new e-vehicle: e-tron 55 quattro

Climate control, air purifier, wireless charging: Audi’s e-vehicle e-tron 55 quattro combines comfort and eco-friendly options

The Audi e-tron 55 quattro is an all-electric SUV which gives you a solid glimpse into what the future of electric mobility is all about

Published on 3rd September 2021

Clubhouse now has spatial audio making chats more immersive

The feature will work with all wired and wireless headphones

Published on 30th August 2021

Netflix to soon have Spatial Audio support for iPhones and iPads

This enables an immersive experience using directional audio filters

Published on 19th August 2021

Facebook's dating app launches an 'audio dates' feature 

When you try to start a call with someone, the other person will receive an invitation. If they accept, you both can have a chat

Published on 11th August 2021

How the pandemic actually reduced the consumption of audio music streaming service Spotify

Countries with larger decreases in mobility and transit time saw more marked reductions in music streaming after the pandemic

Published on 5th August 2021

With the new update, discover and share live audio more easily on Twitter Spaces

Now, users will be able to compose a new tweet directly from the Space

Published on 30th July 2021

Apple Spatial Audio and Lossless now on Android 

However, not all Android devices support Dolby Atmos yet

Published on 24th July 2021
Lossless Music and Spatial Audio on Apple Music: All you need to know

Lossless Music and Spatial Audio on Apple Music: All you need to know

Here’s four key questions that should address all you need to know to get started

Published on 22nd July 2021
Deepika Padukone Launches Care Package

Deepika Padukone launches audio festival on Clubhouse to help promote holistic well-being

Care Package, which was curated by Deepika Padukone, will host a series of conversations and performances by prominent figures who advocate physical and mental health care

Published on 20th July 2021
Samit Kakkad on the stes of Indori Ishq

Filmmaker Samit Kakkad's debut series Indori Ishq resonates well with the audience

Filmmaker Samit Kakkad believes in telling good stories straight from the heart

Published on 16th July 2021

TED Talks to arrive on Clubhouse; TED can now host Q&As and integrate audience interaction

It's still not clear if the chats will be available as podcasts or other on-demand recordings

Published on 12th July 2021
Still from the film Fire In The Mountains

Indian film Fire In The Mountains wins the Audience Award for Best Feature at the 19th Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles 

Written-directed by Ajitpal Singh Fire in the Mountains also had its World Premiere at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival 2021 as the only film selected from South Asia 

Published on 29th May 2021

Is Apple bringing spatial audio experiences to its VR devices?

Apple is working on an interface system that could present a "synthesized reality" to users

Published on 10th July 2021

Here's how audio-based social networking is taking the world by storm

It turns out the future is just ‘ears’ away 

Published on 9th July 2021

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