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Anand Bhaskar

Anand Bhaskar on working on Bombay Begums and why he prefers the OTT over the big screen

Anand Bhaskar, the music composer of Bombay Begums shares about working on the show and his band

Published on 26th March 2021
Bombay Begums Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt on Bombay Begums: 'The key was to be able to play my age'

While Pooja Bhatt has been receiving praises since the premiere of the series, it was the fact that she would be able to play her age that appealed to her the most

Published on 11th March 2021

Exclusive: Pooja Bhatt on Bombay Begums, finding OTT liberating and why Sadak 2 is not a failure

Pooja Bhatt on making her OTT debut with Bombay Begums, finding digital platforms liberating and why she doesn’t see Sadak 2 as a failure

Published on 12th March 2021

From Bombay Begums to Hello Jee, OTT witnesses a new spike in women-oriented series

Whether it is the story of a married woman having an extra-marital affair with another woman or story of a smalltown girl playing a phone sex operator, series on a wide range of topics are being made

Published on 19th February 2021
Bombay Begums To Release On Netflix

Bombay Begums set to come to Netflix on International Women's Day

Bombay Begum finally has a release date

Published on 9th February 2021

Shah Rukh Khan's Betaal, Anushka Sharma's Mai & Masaba Masaba added to Netflix's new original line up

With deadly zombies, scary gangsters and daring friends, these incredibly diverse Indian stories are for mainstream audiences in India and around the world

Published on 17th July 2019

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