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Silhouettes from Purisai

Sustainable couturier, Vino Supraja, makes her debut in Chennai; a decade after she began designing in Shanghai, China

Inspired by therukoothu performances from the village of Purisai in Tiruvannamalai, the collection highlights colours, patterns and motifs from the street dance form

Published on 26th August 2022
Thailand to increase duration of foreign stay from October

Thailand to allow longer stays to foreign tourists as Covid eases

The country expects to attract 8-10 million tourists this year in a bid to support its slow economy

Published on 20th August 2022

Motorola unveils foldable Moto Razr 2022 in China

The new foldable smartphone comes in black colour variant starts at 5,999 Chinese yuan, which is about INR 71,000

Published on 15th August 2022
Nikhil Chinapa

Move your Body: Be a part of something grand with Nikhil Chinapa live at JW Marriott

There will be dedicated bars for VVIP and VIP areas

Published on 20th May 2022
Professor Ajay Darshan Behera

The Russian Pole is critical to India’s aspirations of being a Major Power

India’s Cold War policy of maintaining equidistance between the two blocs has given way to a new post-Cold War framework of engagement at multiple levels with all states in a multipolar world

Published on 24th April 2022

'I get off social media': Squash champion Joshna Chinappa on prepping for the Commonwealth and Asian Games

We chat with the squash champ on everything from her intensive training regimen to pre-match rituals to rasam saadam cravings!

Published on 1st April 2022
A picture by Abhishek C Jayaprakash


Abhishek C Jayaprakash travel miles to capture landscapes. His images often have a surreal and dreamy effect

Published on 15th March 2022

Fortnite China shuts down its servers 

Fortress Night was launched in 2018 through a partnership with publisher Tencent

Published on 18th November 2021
Apple Music

Apple Music joins hands with China's Tencent Music to expand its catalogue 

This will enable music lovers to explore China's music culture and genres, further enhancing the global discovery of Chinese music

Published on 9th November 2021

The new Shanghai - Flavours of China outlet moves beyond the cliche of Chinatown recipes  

The new Shanghai - Flavours of China outlet moves beyond the cliche of Chinatown recipes

Published on 5th November 2021
Green Curry Khao Suey

Wow! China opens its new outlet at Sector V, Salt Lake

Wow! China’s bistro makes easy dining more experiential

Published on 5th November 2021

Nikhil Chinapa to perform live at M Bar Kitchen in Kolkata

Drop-in at M Bar Kitchen on October 10

Published on 8th October 2021

Chinese govt announces that underage gamers can only play one hour of video games per day

The govt wants to increase its involvement on how the youth spend time at home

Published on 31st August 2021
In this country, Apple is censoring words which customers could engrave on its products

In this country, Apple is censoring words which customers could engrave on its products

Keywords filtered in China include politics, resist, wave of democracy, and human rights

Published on 20th August 2021

Poila Baisakh special: Traditional spreads at these Kolkata diners will keep the festive spirits high

Celebrate Poila Baisakh with sumptuous delicacies from select diners across the city

Published on 12th April 2021

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