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Claude Monet's painting titled 'Meules'

Claude Monet haystack painting fetches $110.7M at NY auction

One of Claude Monet's iconic paintings of haystacks has fetched a record $110.7 million at an auction in New York.

Published on 15th May 2019

Newly opened Monet's Bistro in Bengaluru offers an eclectic menu that includes croissant and brioche sandwiches

Don't miss trying the different flavours of hot chocolate and eclairs

Published on 12th April 2019

On the high seas: A voyage to the beginning of the world

It’s a great time of the year to get on board a luxury cruiseliner, and we chose the Norwegian Getaway for a memorable holiday — until our next summer in the Caribbean, that is! This week, Indulge set

Published on 3rd November 2017

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