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For all the Bengaluru folks, there are destinations two to three hours away that you can drive to over the weekend

From Kanakapura to Chhota Ladakh, five Bengaluru getaways for those who missed the Republic Day weekend

You still have five other long weekends during which you can ditch work and savour a picturesque view at these lovely destinations

Published on 26th January 2023

Pandhi Curry to Bacon Brownies, Smokin’ Hog serves an exciting pork-centric menu

Look out for delicacies from Coorg and Goa, as well as, Italian and indo-Chinese plates

Published on 9th December 2022
Nothing gets the day off to a better start than a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

Here is a guide to the best coffee plantations in India for coffee lovers

The majority of these miles-long coffee plantations are found in the mountainous South Indian states

Published on 3rd October 2022

Easter long weekend: Top four Indian holiday destinations to escape to

This long weekend you can head out to these locations for a "bubble vacations" where safety is the priority

Published on 1st April 2021
Valentine'S Week In Tamara Coorg

Valentine's week: Ring in the V-Day with some exciting activities at this luxury resort in Coorg

From romantic treks, star-gazing evenings, candle-night dinners by the poolside, couple’s zumba sessions to mixology workshops, there's a lot to do at The Tamara Coorg

Published on 6th February 2021

From Pandi Curry to Kadambuttu, Kodagu introduces Coorg's cuisine to Hyderabadis

It boasts of unique flavours with a distinct taste - simmered spices, slow-cooked meat paired with puttus (rice preparation). 

Published on 15th September 2020
On a pre-scout exploring Coorg’s dramatic landscape

Charting the Uncharted: A glimpse into Gordon Ramsay’s culinary adventures in Malabar and Coorg 

A behind-the-scene look at Gordon Ramsay’s adventures for the second season of his show Uncharted, featuring India, while exploring the best-kept secrets of Malabar and Coorg

Published on 26th June 2020

Head to this immersive coffee workshop in Coorg to learn about brewing techniques and latte art

The workshop will be held at Old Kent Estate, a luxury resort and coffee plantation

Published on 28th November 2019
Forest Therapy at Tamara Coorg

The Tamara Coorg introduces Forest Therapy, a new experience that helps in relieving tension through meditation

Inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of shinrin yoku, it helps guests unwind amidst the greenery of hills

Published on 2nd August 2019
Heritage Resorts Coorg

Heritage Resorts, Coorg offers picnics in the wild and plantation walks for a relaxing break

Think abundant greenery, a pool, and breathtaking views

Published on 22nd June 2019

Coorg’s Ainmane Cafe and Store is now in Bengaluru

Sip on Civet Coffee, Filter Coffee and more, sourced from their plantations in Coorg

Published on 14th June 2019

Looking for the best Coorg coffee? Try the newly opened The Betta Life on Residency Road in Bengaluru

The Betta Life serves coffee from plantations in Coorg, and retails pork relish and organic honey

Published on 7th June 2019

Aranyani’s new collection takes inspiration from Coorg

The hand-painted leather bags feature motifs such as elephants and peacocks

Published on 17th December 2018

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