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Rice bran oil

Product of many benefits: The nice in rice bran oil

This oil stays on shelves for a long time, thanks to the high quantities of y-oryzanol that helps to improve the oxidative stability that it possesses.

Published on 19th January 2022
Patchouli essential oil benefits

Patchouli essential oil: here are some wonderful health benefits of this herbal oil

Patchouli essential oil has a grounding, balancing and calming scent which provides numerous health benefits

Published on 7th January 2022
health benefits of Frankincense Essential oil

Here are some health benefits of Frankincense Essential oil

The woody and spicy smell of frankincense can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin or taken as a supplement

Published on 17th December 2021

From essential oil-infused body products to wild honey and millets Last Forest stocks it all 

This new store in Sivananda Colony draws attention to indigenous agro-based practices of Nilgiris through its skincare and gourmet offerings 

Published on 30th March 2018
Photo by Chelsea Shapouri on Unsplash

Brand new beauty oils for some much-needed TLC during this time of isolation

We list three beauty oils fresh in the market that can be put to full use, as we isolate ourselves at home and can afford some time-off for some self love

Published on 28th May 2021

Ahoy wellness junkies! Check out Kama Ayurveda's first store in Hyderabad

Try their top picks, Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid, Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil and Pure Rose Water.

Published on 1st June 2018

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