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Mayyur began his career in South Asian design by conducting extensive research

Designer Mayyur Girotra headlines the first ever South Asian New York Fashion Week

The designer fused prestigious couture items with elaborately woven textiles from South Asian regions for the collection

Published on 17th September 2022
JJ Valaya collaborates with Obeetee Carpets

Fashion designer JJ Valaya collaborates with Obeetee Carpets for a new collection

The collection, titled Kapurthala — from Kashmir to Marseilles, consists of 14 unique designs of luxury silk carpets

Published on 3rd September 2022
Actress Isha Koppikar

75 years of Independence: What independence means to actress Pia Bajpiee, Fashion designer Swathi Veldandi, and actress Isha Koppikar

Celebrities from different industries in the country share what independence means to them

Published on 15th August 2022
Olympian and swimmer Rehan Poncha

75 years of Independence: What independence means to swimmer Rehan Poncha, actress Aanchal Munjal and Fashion designer Kaveri Lalchand

Celebrities from different industries in the country share what independence means to them

Published on 15th August 2022
Issey Miyake passes away at 84

Legendary, Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake dies of cancer at 84

Miyake's funeral had already taken place, with "only relatives participating" in line with his wishes

Published on 9th August 2022

Fashion designer Sangeeta Grover talks about her unconventional journey to dressing India's players for the 44th Chess Olympiad

How do you get measurements midway through a chess practice session without a tailor in sight? The designer takes us behind the scenes...

Published on 6th August 2022
Fashion designer Anupamaa Dayal in Cappadocia

Fashion designer Anupamaa Dayal's inspiration galore from world over

It is common to hear people say that travel is sort of an escape.

Published on 23rd July 2022

The dichotomy in this fashion designer's idea of travel

While in conversation with Pawan Sachdeva, we instantly recognise a dichotomy in his idea of travel.

Published on 16th July 2022
Rhea Bhattacharya’s label Drawn

Meet Rhea Bhattacharya, the artist who prints her own unique fabrics for her label 'Drawn'

Unlike other designers that procure their fabric from various sources, Bhattacharya commissions her own by collaborating with illustrators to create prints unique to her brand

Published on 10th July 2022
Prathyusha Garimella

“This is not my wished life…!” read fashion designer Prathyusha Garimella’s suicide note

The police suspect that she died by suicide when she inhaled carbon monoxide

Published on 14th June 2022
Elzaba Ipe plays with traditional hand block prints

Quirky motifs for all

Elzaba Ipe plays with traditional hand block prints in men’s wear with a twist 

Published on 13th April 2022
FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week 2022

Five fashion designers at the FDCI X LFW 2022 reflect on the post-pandemic changes in sartorial expressions 

Five fashion designers, who showcased their collections at the FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week 2022, reflect on how post-pandemic changes in sartorial expressions have translated into their designs

Published on 28th March 2022
Fashion designer Vaishali Shadangule

My weavers are my lifeline, says fashion designer Vaishali Shadangule

In a candid chat, designer Vaishali Shadangule discusses sustainability as she gives us details about her collection ‘Fil Rouge’ that she will showcase at FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week today

Published on 24th March 2022

Fashion designer Shloka Sudhakar’s new collection focuses on prints, embroidery, and colour play

Though on the lines of contemporary designs, Sudhakar has used threadwork embroidery, giving the collection a chic look

Published on 3rd February 2022

Year-end edit: Fashion designers who made a mark with their new launches in 2021

These fashion designers from Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru launched unique collections in 2021

Published on 30th December 2021

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