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Representational image of the new Ralph Lauren logo

Goodbye pony, hello llama: American fashion company rebrands logo

Aiming to woo NextGen shoppers, Ralph Lauren redesigns the Polo logo for the first time for a new digital collection with the gaming brand Fortnite

Published on 20th November 2022

Nvidia GeForce Now brings back Fortnite to iOS 

GeForce Now members can sign up for a chance to join the Fortnite limited-time closed beta for mobile devices

Published on 14th January 2022

Fortnite China shuts down its servers 

Fortress Night was launched in 2018 through a partnership with publisher Tencent

Published on 18th November 2021
Legal claim against Google filed by Epic Games in Australia

Legal claim against Google filed by Epic Games in Australia

In the claim, Epic alleges that Google's anti-competitive conduct breaches the Australian Consumer Law

Published on 10th March 2021
Fortnite will be back on iOS

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, acquires RAD Game Tools

Epic Games is locked in a legal battle since August last year with Apple over the removal of its popular game Fortnite from App Store

Published on 8th January 2021
Fortnite will be back on iOS

Epic Games cancels in-person Fortnite World Cup 2021, only online events to take place

Epic Games had also cancelled the 2020 edition of the Fortnite Cup in April

Published on 5th December 2020
Fortnite's Bhangra Boogie Cup tournament to begin on December 6

Fortnite's Bhangra Boogie Cup tournament for Indian players to begin on December 6

Indian Fortnite players can look forward to the India-inspired Bhangra Boogie emote, Nana Dance Spray, and the Click Pow Get Down Lobby Track featuring Raftaar

Published on 4th December 2020
Fortnite will be back on iOS

Nvidia takes a bold step! It's set to bring Fortnite on its Cloud gaming service for iOS

Fortnite was shunted out by Apple from its App Store

Published on 19th November 2020

Game hackers make the most of the Fortnite-Apple battle, earn over Rs 8.7 crore a year

The hackers first collect a few thousand stolen Fortnite accounts together and auction in private Telegram channels selling from anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 per log

Published on 31st August 2020

The epic battle: Apple removes Fortnite developer Epic Games from App Store

"We are disappointed that we have had to terminate the Epic Games account on the App Store," Apple said in a statement on Friday

Published on 29th August 2020

Fortnite takes a dig at Apple ban; hosts tournament and drops a video mocking the tech giant

Fortnite released a "Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite" video mocking Apple's famous "1984" ad, and promoting the hashtag #FreeFortnite

Published on 21st August 2020

iPhones with Fortnite installed on them selling on eBay for up to $10,000, after Apple banned the game

The game was banned for allegedly violating in-app payment guidelines

Published on 20th August 2020

Owners of the game Fortnite are suing Apple and Google over removal of the game from the app stores

The game was removed for allegedly violating their in-app payment guidelines

Published on 14th August 2020

Get behind the wheel as Fortnite's new Joy Ride update adds cars to the video game

There are four cars in all: the Islander Prevalent, Victor Motors Whiplash, OG Bear, and Titano Mudflap

Published on 6th August 2020

Gamers alert! OnePlus 8 phones will now support Fortnite game at 90 fps

The company said it worked with Epic Games for months to deliver the high framerate Fortnite gameplay experience on the OnePlus 8 series phones

Published on 26th May 2020

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