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WhatsApp developing mute shortcut for Desktop group chats

The shortcut will display at the top of group chats and will help users to disable notifications of messages received in the group

Published on 28th November 2022

WhatsApp to let users create polls in group chat

With this feature, which is under development, group participants will be able to share polls with other members of the group

Published on 18th September 2022

WhatsApp may bring iMessage-like profile photos within group chats

The platform is planning to introduce something that has been requested for a long time — profile photos of group participants

Published on 26th August 2022

Twitter acquires Sphere, a group chat app, in a bid to strengthen its Communities

Sphere said in a blogpost that it will be "winding down" its standalone product in November as a result of the acquisition

Published on 22nd October 2021

Now Facebook users can start cross-app group chats between Messenger and Instagram contacts

Users will still have the same controls over who can reach them

Published on 1st October 2021
WhatsApp advises users not to share links on publicly accessible websites

Google removes group chat links; WhatsApp advises users not to share links on publicly accessible websites

Google had indexed invite links to private WhatsApp group chats, meaning anyone could join various private chat groups through a simple search

Published on 11th January 2021

Is WhatsApp vulnerable? New bug found to crash group chats and delete history forever

The Facebook-owned company claims the bug has now been fixed.

Published on 18th December 2019
whatsapp privacy feature

WhatsApp's new privacy feature lets you bid goodbye to pesky group chats, find out how!

Previously, WhatsApp users could be added to groups without their consent. 

Published on 3rd April 2019

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