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New menu at Hitchki

Dine appetising meals and drinks in Bollywood retro style at Hitchki at the same pricing from 90s

Hitchki Resto Bar’s ‘Purane Din’ that Will Make You Scream Mogambo Khush Hua !

Published on 28th July 2022
Hitchki new menu

Bring back the 90s with a Bollywood spin at Hitchki Resto Bar

Savour the taste by recollecting the flavoursome memories of the good old days in an elegant ambience with an invigorating atmosphere

Published on 18th July 2022
World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day 2022: Where to get the most decadent chocolate desserts in Mumbai

Here are four places in Mumbai that you can swear by for your dessert cravings

Published on 6th July 2022

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