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Kolkata bakery Caramella's artisanal tiramisu boxes make the dessert more viable for dinner tables

Have you explored Caramella's artisanal tiramisu boxes, yet?

Published on 9th July 2021
Visual artist Santanu Hazarika; Right: His debut NFT artwork Sanviz

Visual artist Santanu Hazarika breaks down how NFTs could democratise art

NFT, released on WazirX NFT Marketplace for 300 WRX ($388.5)

Published on 2nd July 2021
FB is working on introducing visual search technology on Instagram

FB is working on introducing visual search technology to improve the shopping experience on Instagram

In a live audio room on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said the company is in the early stages of building camera-based search tools

Published on 24th June 2021

Kannada pops up as the 'ugliest language' on Search, Google India apologises for the misunderstanding

The Search result sparked an outrage among the netizens earlier in the day, with the Karnataka government threatening to issue a legal notice to the company

Published on 4th June 2021
Windows 95-era icons

Microsoft ditching its vintage Windows 95-era icons as part of a "sweeping visual rejuvenation"

Expect new icons for the hibernation mode, networking, memory, floppy drives, and much more 

Published on 7th May 2021

Nykaa launches Nykd All Day, its own athleisure and activewear line

The designs focus on comfort and inclusivity

Published on 8th April 2021

Witness Cohen's Chutzpah in Rounak Patra's visual narrative

The exhibition will be on till April 17

Published on 26th March 2021
A work by Pencil Mint

Women's Day special: 10 Indian visual artists on our radar 

Let's take a look at 10 independent visual artists who all share a passion for the arts and are dedicated to supporting women and sharing their stories while helping them in their pursuit of it. 

Published on 6th March 2021

Homegrown athleisure label Kica Active launches summer edit

The collection is launched with  a 'Free to Be' Campaign

Published on 20th March 2021

New school heavy-hitter MC Stan breaks down his debut audiovisual album Tadipaar  

MC Stan's Tadipaar is out now

Published on 5th February 2021

Offering a fresh and young vibe, the third Sandy's in Chennai woos us with a pull-me-up Milo Tiramisu

The new Sandy's Laboratory and Kitchen in Besant Nagar has an exciting new menu along with cheery and colourful interiors

Published on 8th January 2021

These new Italian kitchens in Chennai deliver rustic, home-style classics to your doorstep

Expect hand-rolled pasta, soul-filling lasagne and decadent tiramisu

Published on 27th November 2020

Visual artist Waswo X Waswo revisits his 2015 miniature painting series, Chaos in the Palace

This series of 18 miniatures deals with concepts such as colonialism, rise of the right wing and race relations

Published on 14th November 2020

Report: Three out of four users in India log on to social media platforms during their leisure time

According to the findings, 73 per cent of Internet users sign into social networking platforms every day and they are most active between 7 pm and 11 pm

Published on 10th November 2020
Apple iPhone 12 series

iPhones' new feature will alert the visually impaired how far others are and help maintain social distancing

Apart from detecting the presence of people, it also measures the distance to people in the view of the iPhone's camera

Published on 2nd November 2020

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