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Uma Murali ​

A dance through the decades

As Uma Murali completes fifty years as a dancer, she recalls her young days and how she found her calling in Kuchipudi

Published on 22nd June 2023

Actress Amita Yadav in a new music video

Actress Amita Yadav has two more unannounced upcoming projects

Published on 24th May 2023

Jonai Singh takes Bengali music to global audience with her music label and Artsourcing 

New-York-based Jonai Singh is taking Bengali music and voices to a global audience through her music label 

Published on 3rd March 2023

Kuchipudi exponent Sandhya Raju raises funds for dance gurus in a novel way

She is conducting Pramanu Pranavakaram, an exclusive online Kuchipudi workshop to raise funds for the gurus.

Published on 12th June 2020

Kolkata’s DJ Steve is set to delve deep into the world of hip-hop music

DJ Steve who has been juggling two professions till now, decides to delve deep into music and leave a mark

Published on 20th March 2020
Neerav Bavlecha

Choreographer Neerav Bavlecha on the future of dance before his debut workshop in Kerala

He is familiar to Malayalam television audiences as a judge in prominent reality shows

Published on 6th September 2019

Benjamin Damage talks techno before his India tour

The UK-based DJ and producer 

Published on 12th October 2018
Indian classical dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai

What you need to know about Mrinalini Sarabhai as Google celebrates her 100th birthday

Mrinalini Sarabhai is an Indian classical dancer from Kerala who was educated at Shantiniketan under the guidance of Rabindranath Tagore. 

Published on 11th May 2018

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