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Matthew Mcconaughey Conversation

Matthew McConaughey engages in a conversation with Sadhguru

Matthew McConaughey took to Instagram to inform fans that he would engage in a conversation with Sadhguru

Published on 2nd June 2021
Matthew McConaughey as Jake Brigance from A Time To Kill for new series

Matthew McConaughey to revive his role as lawyer Jake Brigance from ‘A Time To Kill’ for TV series

In the movie, McConaughey plays the role of Brigance, who defends a Black man for killing two white men who had raped his daughter

Published on 19th March 2021

Matthew McConaughey spent 52 days in the desert without a phone or electricity to write his memoir 'Greenlights'

The actor takes us through life lessons gleaned from 36 years worth of introspective journals, a curious social experiment and his next chapter

Published on 12th March 2021
Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey turns chef, helps prepare meals for California firefighters

The outreach was part of the bourbon brand's annual charity campaign. The team prepared an additional 800 dinners for local homeless shelters.

Published on 4th November 2019

An exclusive chat with the voices of animated animals in the film Sing

Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Tori Kelly share their stories of voicing animated animal characters in the musical film, Sing

Published on 26th January 2018

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