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In Frame: Mouni Roy

Marvelous ‘Mrs’ Mouni: Actress gets chatty about married life, journey with meditation and lots more

Mouni Roy recently walked the ramp for Geisha Designs’ showcase at The Weeek 2023 at JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru

Published on 3rd November 2023
Kubra Sait

Kubbra Sait’s Maldives vacation in a nutshell: ‘Food, meditation, yoga & seaplane’

There are videos of whales, food, and sunsets. The last picture shows the actress in a tie-up multi-coloured dress, while she poses against the picturesque backdrop of the sea

Published on 23rd October 2023
Research shows that training in mindfulness helps to lower stress| Photo credit: Olga Nayda (Unsplash)

Here are some mindful habits to adopt for self-care

Every day, anxiety and stress affect each of us. It can be difficult to keep a calm attitude given the ambiguity of the world and the constant change in our surroundings

Published on 14th September 2022
A healthy blend of silence and awareness leads to creativity

How restorative therapy can help you unleash your creativity

Experts state that those who practise yoga learn to connect with their body, mind and soul

Published on 25th August 2022

Hyderabad-based Fareena Farid is your new age yoga guru

This former-model-turned yoga instructor blends asanas with virtues of ahimsa and that's what makes her stand out

Published on 28th October 2017
US First Lady Melania Trump (File Photo: IANS)

'Happiness curriculum' lessons on meditation, relaxation for US First Lady Melania Trump

US First Lady Melania Trump is likely to visit a Delhi government school in the national capital on Tuesday to watch the "happiness curriculum", sources said on Thursday.

Published on 20th February 2020
The Jungle House

Eco-therapy, forest bathing and more: 19th-century mansion in Shimla offers the peace you deserve

A palatial 19th-century bungalow in Shimla has a fascinating history and wilderness vibes that take you close to nature

Published on 31st July 2022
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Swami Sivananda observes Swami Vishnudevananda doing the scorpion pose

International Day of Yoga special: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre offers classes on various aspects of yoga, details here

In celebration of the International Day of Yoga, the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres, India, is organising a host of programmes, including yoga asana classes, workshops and talk

Published on 29th May 2022

Disengage from the Mind

You cannot handle each one of them separately. They are always together. It is just that you are being deceived by the imagination of your mind

Published on 23rd January 2022
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Conquering death: Why happens when we die? We find out why it is important to know that...

We do not realise that the body is a rented house which we occupy only for a limited period and once that period is over, it must be vacated

Published on 31st October 2021

Sushant Singh Rajput's meditation plans for June-end raises doubts over suicide theory

Shweta's Facebook post on Friday evening shows Sushant Singh Rajput was actually planning ahead in life, and had chalked out plans for his daily regime till June 29. 

Published on 1st August 2020

Meditation On N-Vironment art show

All art

Published on 30th August 2018

7 strategies to help your child with meditation

Here are 7 steps to help introduce your child to meditation.

Published on 30th July 2018
7 strategies to help your pre-teen beat anxiety

Here are 7 strategies to help your pre-teen beat anxiety

1 in 10 young people experience a mental health disorder and over half of all mental ill health starts at the age of 14. So, if your child is a pre-teen, now is the time to do something about it.

Published on 30th July 2018

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