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The upcoming CCU Festival in October attempts to revive Kolkata's vibrant culture

The festival is an initiative by city based entrepreneur Meghdut Roychowdhury’s Make Calcutta Relevant Again

Published on 15th October 2022
Meghdut RoyChowdhury OffbeatCCU

Meghdut RoyChowdhury has myriad plans for OffbeatCCU  

Trailblazer Meghdut RoyChowdhury is shifting gears and accelerating young talents

Published on 24th December 2021

What exactly does it take to sustain a music-first culture? Millennial visionary Meghdut RoyChowdhury opens up

One of the most unfailing architects of Kolkata’s cultural scene, Meghdut RoyChowdhury, opens up about his vision

Published on 13th September 2019

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