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Mixed vibes and mood swings are affecting the weather, with rainy situations causing gloomy moods. Experts suggest incorporating trends to counteract the grey undertones and bring warmth to homes

Last minute tips to spruce up your home while it is still raining!

We’ve listed some trends from the experts that would beat the grey undertones of the weather and bring warmth to our homes.

Published on 14th September 2023

Cafe Akasa launches a monsoon special menu, savour the flavours of the season at 30,000 ft!

Passengers can relish Cocktail Samosas served with tangy mint chutney, Masala tea cake and more through July

Published on 6th July 2023
Banoffee Latte and Coffee Cookie Dough Shake

The Kind Roastery and Brewroom's monsoon coffee brews for every palate

From the refreshing Kafe Tonic to the indulgent Banoffee Latte, these new creations promise to take coffee lovers on a delightful journey of taste and aroma.

Published on 7th September 2023
Hot Choocolate with mini Croissant

Katha Specialty Coffee and Bakehouse launches a monsoon special menu Project Baarish 

We stepped into the fully packed café on a cold monsoon evening to check out their latest menu — Project Baarish featuring innovative beverages and dishes that inspire nostalgia of monsoons gone by

Published on 25th August 2023
Tokyo Matcha Bar is set to reshape the way matcha is appreciated and savoured, making it a true delight for matcha enthusiasts and tea connoisseurs across India.

Discover the flavours of monsoon from Bandra’s newest cloud kitchen Tokyo Matcha Bar

Sip, savour, and immerse yourself in an experience of organic ceremonial Matcha  

Published on 28th August 2023
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Monsoon: It's time to change your skincare routine

According to Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director, of Skinella, even though monsoon season brings with it a refreshing respite from the sweltering heat, it also poses unique challenges to our skin

Published on 24th August 2023

Wellness and beauty: 9 products to make you look good during monsoon

This monsoon, try these new products to keep looking hydrated and beautiful

Published on 23rd August 2023
Vegetable fritters

Chef Dhaval Ajmera fritter recipe will satiate your crispy cravings in monsoon  

The healthy and delicious recipe tastes even better with accompaniments like chutneys and tea!

Published on 7th August 2023
Do not miss MoodBoard on August 19 and 20

Mono Calcutta curates monsoon pop-up MoodBoard

Visit 91 Monoharpukur Road on August 19 – 20

Published on 17th August 2023
Conjunctivitis cases have been on the rise

Pink eye care: Here’s what you should know

Understanding the types and the risks; knowing how to prevent, and methods for treatment are imperative

Published on 13th August 2023
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Satiate your sweet-cravings with these rainy-day desserts

To address our monsoon dessert cravings, chef Arvind Prasad shares two recipes that are not very difficult to make, yet are exquisite in taste.

Published on 10th August 2023
Pics: Nikhil Ross

The monsoon menu at The Kind Roastery & Brew Room boasts of a small menu of curated amuse-gueules and more…

Head to this swanky coffee shop in JP Nagar for a menu that complements the season in more ways than one!

Published on 11th August 2023
Try these recipes

Monsoon special recipes you must try

Monsoon is for comfort and good food. We list out some healthy recipes for you

Published on 9th August 2023
Vegan snacks to binge on this rainy season

Vegan snacks to binge on this rainy season

Let's try some delectable vegan snacks during this rainy season if you're a vegan or just inquisitive about new dishes.

Published on 8th August 2023
Goan monsoon

Plan a monsoon getaway in Goa with aqua yoga, coastal indulgence, fishing trail and more 

Hyatt unveils a host of offerings at its properties under The Goan HYline campaign

Published on 7th August 2023

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