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Guided Railway Museum walk in line with Madras Week celebrations

As part of the Madras Week celebrations, Wandering Artist is organising a Railway Museum Walk, tracing the history of South Indian Railways.

Published on 22nd August 2019
A still from Laila and Jamal

Manu Joseph’s Miss Laila, Armed and Dangerous gets a stage makeover by The Madras Players

Directed by Nikhila Kesavan, it is set in Mumbai and adapts one particular storyline of the satirical thriller

Published on 21st June 2019
The cast of Urubhangam

Chennai’s Theatrekaran gives the Ramayana a different take in their play, Asuras

With a script inspired by the 12th-century epic Kamba Ramayanam, written by the Tamil poet Kambar, Asuras is the poetic journey of Rama and his victory against the demonic powers

Published on 14th June 2019
A still from Aayirathoru Iravugal

Aayirathoru Iravugal: A different take on 1001 Arabian Nights 

This Tamil play is all about Arabian Nights retold with a difference   

Published on 17th May 2019
Maya Krishna Rao

Mistress of mayhem: Maya Krishna Rao on the idea behind her latest show, Loose Woman

Maya Krishna Rao is defiant and chaotic in her latest production, Loose Woman

Published on 15th March 2019
A scene from the play Julius Caesar, by The Madras Players

Julius Caesar: A Roman encounter with The Madras Players 

Shakespeare’s most popular Roman tragedy to be adapted by The Madras Players

Published on 1st March 2019

The story of Blackstratblues and the evolution of their music

Mumbai-based band Blackstratblues debuts in the city next week

Published on 28th December 2018
Mellow Circle’s annual Christmas musical, Welcome to Bethlehem, features a heartwarming story of hop

Mellow Circle’s annual Christmas musical, Welcome to Bethlehem, features a heartwarming story of hope

Mellow Circle, the city-based organisation, is set to stage their annual Christmas play—Welcome to Bethlehem, starting today.

Published on 30th November 2018

Join Bilbo Baggins' adventure this week, with Chennai's very own production of The Hobbit

As the city gears up for an exciting production of The Hobbit, we chat with the director and writer of the play, Shaan Katari Libby.

Published on 1st October 2018

Anil Srinivasan performs in the dark at Museum Theatre

He will have a blindfolded throughout the performance and the hall will also be entirely in darkness.

Published on 28th September 2018
The Madras Players Theatre Groups in Chennai

The Madras Players’ adaptation of Ray Cooney’s Out of Order assures a good deal of side-splitting moments

Originally written and performed in 1990, the play is being adapted by city-based theatre group, The Madras Players.

Published on 14th September 2018

A rocking performance by Mellow Circle

Featuring hits by Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Pink Floyd and Metallica, the event also features Ava, by Christopher Stanley and Timothy Madhukar

Published on 3rd August 2018

This Chennai-based symphony orchestra performs Mozart's Haffner symphony for their first full recital

MMA’s Symphony Orchestra will host its first full recital with Mozart’s Haffner symphony as the main piece

Published on 29th June 2018
Sorabh Pant

The rant of Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant has new material based on Rajinikanth, and other relevant topics like minority rights, patiotism and more

Published on 15th June 2018
Daniel Fernandes

Stand-up comedian Daniel Fernandes gets personal with his new show

Intensely personal and dark humoured, Daniel Fernandes’ show Shadows urges audiences to hold on to hope

Published on 30th March 2018

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