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All good things come to an end

Sam was once Lucifer, jacked up on demon juice. Now, despite all the good work, does he still have evil in him?

Published on 3rd November 2017

Naturals Ice Cream to kick off berry festival on Valentine's Day

Opt for scoops of Blueberry, Raspberry or Mulberry

Published on 9th February 2021
The hairstyling sector is expected to hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic

Naturals Salon on the verge of collapse, says CEO CK Kumaravel

Says that the company is finding it difficult to pay salaries due to the lockdown and appealed for help from the Government

Published on 8th May 2020
Slow tales

Over 25 sustainable brands come together for Chennai’s first slow fashion pop-up by Lime Soda 

From a two-second sari to a scarf that can be worn in six ways, Slow Tales will throw the spotlight on sustainable brands from around the country 

Published on 14th June 2019

The all-new Naturals B Cafe offers desi grub, chipotle style

18 veggies, 12 sauces, 15 classic breads. The only thing you won’t find at the all-new Naturals B Café is a menu.

Published on 24th November 2017

The only thing you won’t find at Naturals B Café is a menu

This space serves up Indian food, chipotle style

Published on 24th November 2017

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