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Elon Musk

Elon Musk's Neuralink wires up a monkey to play video games with its mind 

The monkey "looks totally happy" and that Neuralink's facilities meet US regulatory requirements, Musk said during a talk on Clubhouse app

Published on 2nd February 2021

Musk's neurotechnology company Neuralink unveils a pig with a Fitbit like computer chip in its brain

Musk said he expects people with the 'Link' chip in their heads to be able to "save and replay memories"

Published on 29th August 2020

Musk to reveal some updates about his brain-computer tech, Neuralink on August 28

Founded as a medical research company in 2016, Neuralink has hired several high-profile neuroscientists from various universities

Published on 10th July 2020

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