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Asterix & Obelix finally go desi!

We're going desi, by Toutatis! How did Asterix and Obelix learn to speak fluent Hindi?

Dipa Chaudhuri and Puneet Gupta, who undertook the epic translation project, tell us about the 
many challenges they faced, and the fun they had along the way.

Published on 5th April 2019
Asterix in Hindi/Source: Amazon

Asterix comics in Hindi! Om Books releases complete series after five years of translation

After capturing the global comics market, the Asterix series is now available for Hindi readers - after five years of painstaking translation.

Published on 29th March 2019
Asha Parekh

Hindi film industry has evolved for good: Asha Parekh

Good to see that artistes are doing one film at one time and the concentration is more on that film

Published on 2nd May 2017
Aamir Khan

Aamir launches Asha Parekh's autobiography in capital

The event was also attended by veteran actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha

Published on 1st May 2017

Novel set in WW-II era launched in New Delhi

A haunting novel of love, passion and betrayal, set in the Second World War era with a thematic reference to Indias freedom struggle was launched in the Capital on Monday evening.

Published on 22nd March 2017

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